First Episode of Tales of Adventure is Here!

The first episode of my new podcast is now live!  You can listen to it on the site or on SoundCloud.  I’ve already submitted it for review to iTunes and Google Play.  Hopefully it will be approved soon so I can provide the links so people using their mobile devices have more options for listening to the show.  I will also be uploading it to YouTube as an additional playback source.  Once I have a few more episodes published I will be submitting it to Stitcher too.  So if it’s not on a platform you prefer, don’t worry because I’m working on it for you guys!

Since this episode was just a short intro to the podcast I am going to try to have another episode done by next Thursday.  After that new episodes will drop every two weeks.

I’d like to give a be THANK YOU to everyone who expressed interest in this project and for giving me the extra boost I needed to get things rolling.  I look forward to the new adventures this project will provide and I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

Also I will be setting up a Patreon account.  Running a website is expensive and a podcast is no different.  By creating a Patreon I will be able to provide a way for fans to support the site and this new project.  Of course with Patreon, subscribers will have access to additional content and I’m working on outlining different subscription tiers and rewards.  It may take a bit of time to get this going so stay tuned.  I would certainly love feedback from all of you about the type of things that would make subscribing and supporting worthwhile to you.  Please let me know what interests you and I will look into it!