Lara Croft and the Transformers by Scott Oliverson (Space Ace)

*Contains some content not suitable for younger readers*


by Scott Oliverson (Space Ace)

Note: This story is different than the previous story I’m working on for the moment.  It features Laura, Duke Nukem the alien-buster, Peter Quill “Star Lord” interacting with and fighting alongside magic warriors from another galaxy far away…

Cast of Characters
Lupe Wolf “Sonic SatAM Cry of the Wolf” as Optimus Prime – Peterbilt 379 or Western Star 5700 XE
Sally Acorn “Archie Sonic Comics” as Bumblebee – Chevy Camaro
Reynard Wolf “Sonic SatAM Cry of the Wolf” as Ironhide – GMC Topkick
Krystal “Krystal Archive Website” as Jazz – Pontiac Solstice
Miriam LeFleur “Bucky Hare and the Toad Wars” as Prowl – Ford Saleen S281 Police Car
Foxy “Matthew Critchfield FNAF House Party Comics” as Hound – Jeep Wrangler
Mangle “Tony Crynight FNAF on YouTube” as Ratchet – Hummer H2
Sonia Hedgehog “Sonic Underground” as Cliffjumper – Fast and Furious Supercharged Dodge Charger

Tryax Kahn “SF Saiyuki Starzinger” as Megatron – Cybertronian Jet (Megatron’s form in TransFormers Prime animated series)
Fiona Fox “Archie Sonic Comics” as Starscream – F-22 Raptor Fighter Jet
Jackie Jackal “Kim Possible King Pain VS Cleopatra” as Soundwave – Gravedigger or Bigfoot Monster Truck
Ninjara “Archie TMNT Adventure Comics” as Skywarp – MIG-29 Fulcrum Fighter Jet
Bergamo “DragonBall Super” as Barricade – Ford Shelby Mustang Police Car
Basil “DragonBall Super” as Sideways – Audi R8-GT
Beerus “DragonBall Super” as Blackout – AH-1Z Super Cobra or AH-64 Apache Longbow Copter
Alicia (Anti-Sally) Acorn “Archie Sonic Comics” as Onslaught – Western Star 4900SF Tow Truck


Our story begins with Laura Croft the Tomb Raider taking part in a scouting mission with Foxy and Sonia Hedgehog to locate the whereabouts of the New World Order terrorist forces and Tryax Kahn as instructed by Lupe Wolf the leader of her Wolf Pack warriors to stop the dark-magic warriors before they began conquering Earth to steal its energy resources.

LAURA: Do you even know where the nWo base is anyway?

FOXY: Aye, lass.  The magic can sense its dark-counterpart so to speak.

Blow me down! I think we just found the New World Order.

SONIA: Right behind you, I got your 6:00 covered.

LAURA: Oh this is going to be fun.

Within seconds all three having passed through an invisible force field barrier surrounding the enemy stronghold to which Laura felt a tingling feeling pass through her body as if tiny hands were tickling her all over and saw a rippling distortion in the air before her eyes before it vanished completely…were now watching the dark-magic warriors construct their base with Tryax overseeing the work in progress.

FOXY: Shiver me timbers…I was right.

SONIA: What’s that hologram Jackie is showing to Kahn?

FOXY: Let’s take a closer look.

Soon the image came into clear focus resembling containers of sorts as Jackie explained to his boss how he would concentrate the stolen resources within them to become Energon cubes.

JACKIE: This way we can easily store them inside our spaceship once it’s finished with repair work done to it.

TRYAX: How ironic, by leading us to this unknown planet the Wolf Pack have sealed their own doom.

LAURA: Good grief! He really thinks he can get away with stealing?  That’s wrong.

FOXY: Tryax always gets what he wants through stealing.

All of a sudden both Laura and Foxy saw Sonia the musician superstar peering down the scope of her pulse laser rifle as if she intended on assassinating Kahn on the spot.

FOXY: Yar!  Sonia, what are you doing?

SONIA: I got Tryax dead center in my viewfinder.

LAURA: Oh my god!

A burst of laser bolts flashed from the barrel of the gun to explode against the superstructure of the fortress causing the evil mutants to react in shock and alarm.

TRYAX: Who could be shooting at us?!!

BEERUS: Who even knows we’re here?

FIONA: The Wolf Pack…

TRYAX: Impossible…

FIONA: Who else would dare assassinate our great leader?

Kahn deciding to find out if it was Lupe trying to stop him from fulfilling his destiny ordered his bodyguard to send out one of his pet servants.

TRYAX: Jackie, send Laserbeak to investigate.

JACKIE: Laserbeak prepare for flight.  Operation, terminate the enemy forces.

Moments later a macaw parrot the blue-gold version took to the air.

FOXY: Now you done it!

SONIA: Oops, not good. Let’s burn rubber!

LAURA: Let’s get out of Dodge City!

Immediately both mutants transformed back into Jeep Wrangler and Dodge Charger with Croft piling into the off-road jeep and racing away in a cloud of dust.  Unfortunately for them however Laserbeak caught sight of the escaping vehicles and went after in hot pursuit.

LAURA: What is that macaw, or is it a macaw?

FOXY: That’s Laserbeak who works as a servant to Jackie the bodyguard to Tryax Kahn.

LAURA: Good grief…

SONIA: Let’s split up so it can’t follow both of us!

FOXY: Aye, lass!  At least one of us will get back to Lupe.  Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!

Immediately they veered off in opposite directions from each other and at first Laserbeak did appear confused as to whom it should continue chasing until making up its mind and going after the Jeep Wrangler blasting away with laser bolts as Foxy taunted it with the Tomb Raider hanging on for dear life.  Meanwhile at Croft Manor a mansion like the WDW Haunted Mansion version the Wolf Pack were listening to tales told by Peter Quill about his adventures in outer space with the Guardians of the Galaxy battling the forces of evil.

PETER: In the end we succeeded in destroying Ronin and ending his reign of evil and became heroes of the universe by the Nova Peace Corps.

LUPE: Amazing! You, Drax, Gamora and Rocket became the guardians. How cool is that.

PETER: Totally cool, ma’am.

DUKE: Right…

All of a sudden the Dodge Charger came speeding into sight and skidded to a stop quickly transforming back into Sonia Hedgehog momentarily then in a rush of words…

SONIA: We found the nWo fortress but were chased away by Laserbeak.  Foxy and I split up in order to keep him from locating our base.

MANGLE: My brother!  I can’t let him be harmed.

PETER: Holy smokes!  Laura’s life in in danger too!

LUPE: Calm down… go see if you can help him, Sonia can show you the way.

DUKE: Let’s hope it’s not too late.

Moments later Sonia, Mangle reached the spot where they found Foxy in his normal form sprawled face-first in the dirt covering Laura’s motionless form beneath him.  The white vixen went to her brother’s aid.

MANGLE: Brother, can you hear me, are you all right? Speak to me, say something.

FOXY: Thundering typhoons!

What are ye doing here?

MANGLE: Did you get hurt? I’ll check on Laura’s conditions.

She revived the Tomb Raider who came around then explained what transpired minutes ago as Mangle healed her injuries then did the same for her sibling.  Sonia feeling guilty said…

SONIA: I’m sorry, it’s my fault.  I should not have fired on Tryax.

FOXY: Arr, mate…you shouldn’t have missed, he?

SONIA: Yeah, right…

LAURA: Oh bother!

MANGLE: Come on, let’s get out of here before anything else happens.

Safely back at the mansion Foxy made his report to Lupe who glowered suspiciously as she heard of Kahn’s plans of putting stolen energy into Energon cubes then ordered her warriors to transform and move out to intercept the enemy before they made a move.  In the next moment it was Sally as Chevy Camaro, Monkey Kahn as Ford Corvette, Reynard as GMC Topkick, Miriam as Ford Saleen Police Car, Foxy as Jeep Wrangler, Mangle as Hummer H2, Sonia as Dodge Charger and Lupe as Peterbilt 379 speeding away as Laura, Duke and Peter wished them good hunting.
However when the Wolf Pack caught up to the New World Order the terrorist forces and Tryax were launching their first strike against innocent helpless victims forcing them to run for cover then begin the task of creating the Energon cubes.  The victims in question were GIJoe and Mike (Power Records GIJoe) the founder of Adventure Team Headquarters and radio operator chief engineer.  Both Joe and Mike could not believe their own eyes at what was happening to them and their home base.

MIKE: What in blazes?!!  Where did those beings come from.

JOE: Who knows?!!  What do they want with us?

Finally the last of the containers had been filled and compressed into cubes of power that glowed and hummed with sparkling colored lights within.  Fiona thinking the mission was a success got excited.

FIONA: We did it, we did it Tryax!  The energy is ours, we can go back to Mobius.

TRYAX: You fool, Fiona.  This is but a small fraction of the energy we need.  We must suck this planet dry.

JOE: Holy smokes! What did he say.

MIKE: Wait, where did those cars and trucks come from. Oh my god…

JOE: What-the?!!

Both friends watched in shock disbelief as the cars and trucks began to change right before their startled eyes!  Now there stood anthropomorphic warriors ready to do battle as Lupe shouted to her pack.

LUPE: Stop the nWo! Protect the innocent people from being harmed.  I got Tryax…

FIONA: It’s the Wolf Pack!

TRYAX: New World Order, destroy them.

LUPE: That’s what you think, Kahn! I won’t let you get away with conquering this Earth or harming its people.

Both leaders closed to do battle trading blows like heavyweight boxers in the ring.  At the same time their comrades engaged in fierce brawling throwing punches, blocks, kicks here and there like kung fu-wushu masters with Joe and Mike watching everything.

MIKE: Wow!  Look at them fight like martial artists.

JOE: I don’t believe this!

TRYAX: Don’t interfere Lupe.

LUPE: Give it up Tryax.

TRYAX: The universe is mine.

Back and forth the battle raged until the nWo made their getaway taking the Energon cubes with them to their hidden base.  Lupe and her family watched them disappear then addressed the AT headquarters founder and radio operator who thanked them for saving their lives.

JOE: I don’t know who you are but you saved our lives.

LUPE: I am Lupe Wolf of the Wolf Pack from the planet Mobius in another galaxy.

MIKE: Another planet, that’s awesome!

SALLY: Yes indeed.  Those who harmed you are called the New World Order empire also from Mobius.  We must stop them before they destroy your world.

JOE: Look what they tried to do to my headquarters. Almost destroyed it.

REYNARD: Fear not, we will use our magic to fix it so it looks good as new again.

MIKE: Huh?  You are magic…

In response the mutants performed the task of repairing the damage to AT headquarters until the base was fully restored again.

MIKE: Holy cow!  That’s amazing.

JOE: Wow!  I don’t believe it.

KRYSTAL: Anything is possible if you believe in magic sir.

MIKE: Can we be of assistance in helping you magic warriors?

JOE: We know a lot more about Earth than you do.

KEN: You do have a point there, you can be of assistance to our cause.

LUPE: Yes, we gladly accept your offer to help us. Welcome to the Wolf Pack family as honorary members.

GIJoe and Mike laughed as did the mutants then the AT founder showed them around his base explaining what he and his friend did for a living so to speak.  Afterwards Lupe and family returned to Croft Manor where Laura, Peter and Duke awaited their report of engaging the nWo in battle only to hear the dark-magic warriors gave them the slip.

LAURA: Oh well, the good news is that you protected GIJoe and Mike from being harmed.

PETER: There’s always another time to catch Tryax red-handed.

FOXY: Aye, lad.  Ye have pirate stuff in you, you could be my 1st mate to join me crew.

PETER: Yes sir, captain!

MANGLE: Oh brother…

DUKE: So what’s next?

MIRIAM: We’ll have to wait and see when Tryax makes his next move in stealing resources then we catch them red-handed, ahem!

PETER: Took the words right out of my mouth lady.

LUPE: Hmmph… right.

SALLY: You got that right.

LAURA: Okay, boys and girls of Mobius.  Time to take it easy for a spell till you’re needed to save the universe again.

The Tomb Raider gave a tour of her home along with Alfred the butler (BatMan-Dark Knight films) who explained how Laura’s parents built the mansion years ago and after they passed away left their inheritance to their only child and daughter as the new heir of Croft Manor.

ALFRED: Mistress Laura knows how to look after her estate and keep her family’s memory alive.

SALLY: Wow, so you’re rich?

LAURA: You could say that.  Yes I am somewhat of a millionaire so to speak, thanks to my parents leaving me everything in their will.

KEN: Lots of rooms in this building.

ALFRED: Indeed, sir.  The ground floor consists of the dining room-ballroom with pipe organ, kitchen with entrance into the garden, library, game room, theater room, conservatory.  The upper floor contains the mistress bedroom, bathroom, and Laura’s bedroom when she was a little girl growing up but has converted into her private office-study.


LUPE: Do you get lonely living here by yourself?

LAURA: Not exactly since Duke and Peter also live with me to keep me company.


Yes ma’am.

PETER: We’re like brothers to her even though we are not related to her family of course.

REYNARD: Good idea.

The tour ended back at the front parlor entrance as Alfred excused himself to return to his duties leaving Laura, Peter and Duke with their mutant friends to have fun in a matter of speaking by playing billiards, darts and fooseball in the game room, watching DVDs in the theater room, swimming in the pool and hot tub, etc.  Later dinner was served in the dining room-ballroom as the Wolf Pack enjoyed earth-food for the first time and found it to be delicious than what they had on their home planet.  During the meal it was Laura, Duke and Peter talking about amusement theme parks they like to explore with GIJoe and Mike such as Disney and Universal to be exact.

DUKE: We never get tired of visiting the theme parks every time something new is added.

PETER: Not to mention Star Wars Land based on the George Lucas films.

LUPE: Oh, what is that?

LAURA: It’s a make believe saga about good versus evil in another galaxy far away.  Jedi Knights battling Sith Lords using the power of the Force.

SALLY: You mean like our magic powers?

DUKE: You could say that. Yes, a lot like that.

REYNARD: I’d like to hear the whole story.

PETER: So be it…here is how it all began a long time ago.

With that the friends told the entire saga from Episode 1 to Episode 8 at the moment…then when they finished.

KEN: Wow!  Rey Solo became a Jedi Knight under Luke Skywalker’s training sessions.

KRYSTAL: And the New Republic beat back the First Order for the moment.

MIRIAM: What a pity Han Solo died, killed by his own son Ben Solo.

LAURA: Because he was struggling with his inner self to break away from the dark-side and not give into its emotions.

PETER: Who knows what will become of Kylo Ren so to speak.

SALLY: At least Anakin Skywalker redeemed himself by saving Luke from being killed by Darth Sidius-Emperor Palpatine that is.

LUPE: Aye, then merged into the Force to become a ghost spirit.

LAURA: You got that right lady.

When dinner was done and the dishes washed and put away courtesy of Alfred, Ezra & Emma (2003 Haunted Mansion movie) it was time for the Wolf Pack to return to their headquarters as they thanked Laura for everything promising to come again soon enough before transforming back into vehicles and driving away into the night.  Meanwhile inside the nWo fortress it was Tryax in communication with his two bosses the witch Belladonna and wizard Gargamel (Smurfs the Lost Village) in hologram form as he kneeled in their presence.

GARGAMEL: Glad to hear you’ve begun the task of stealing resources as I instructed you to perform.

TRYAX: Yes my master.

BELLADONNA: The Wolf Pack attempted to stop you but you got away instead. Made Lupe look like a fool too.

TRYAX: That I did mistress.

GARGAMEL: Keep up the good work and let us know if or when you plan on returning to Mobius again my friend.

BELLADONNA: May the dark-magic protect you always my apprentice.

TRYAX: As you wish…

After the hologram images disappeared the nWo leader rose to his boots and made a personal inspection of the Energon cubes in storage for the moment knowing it would take many more hits to create more Energon cubes before he was satisfied that he had enough power sources to begin ruling Mobius and the universe alongside his bosses.  While simultaneously it was Fiona secretly plotting her destiny of replacing Kahn as the new leader of the New World Order.

FIONA: Once Tryax is gone for good and I’m in control, I will serve and obey the will of Gargamel and Belladonna as their new apprentice and reign supreme over all of Mobius forever!
During the night it was Peter Quill who ended up making love with Sally Acorn who revealed secret feelings of love for the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy and immediately fell for him on the spot.  Thus the two engaged in the ritual where they explored each other’s beings over and over again feeling the rush of adrenaline course through their naked bodies making them want to continue playing the game without stopping, that is when they paused between sessions to catch their breath so to speak…

PETER: Imagine that, both of us making love for the first time.

SALLY: Yes and it will be our secret that no one will ever find out.

PETER: I’m good at keeping secrets.

SALLY: Me too… shall we continue, yes?

Once again they attacked each other furiously with Star Lord atop Acorn feeding his manhood as she took it willingly without resistance on her part then suddenly her body spasm and convulsed forcing her to clutch tightly to his shoulders and waist as she bucked-heaved against his person eyes clenched shut and teeth bared in snarl expression.  At last the feeling dissipated quickly leaving both lovers drained and exhausted as they gasped for air with eyes wide, sweat pouring off their faces and hair but too tired to wipe it away as they shook-trembled in fatigue.

SALLY: Yes, this is the way it shall always be.  True love will keep us together as one.

PETER: Maybe you can be my partner-sidekick like Rocket, Gamora, Drax, Mantis and Yondu.

SALLY: Oh, yeah.  Our own Guardians of the Galaxy, he?  I like that idea.

PETER: That is if my teammates decide to show up unexpectedly from their own home worlds.

SALLY: Oh? You think they will come to see you.

Peter said he did not know if they would come or when but if Drax, Gamora, Yondu, Rocket, Mantis and Groot Junior planned on dropping in for a spell to reunite with Star Lord again he would introduce them to Sally and she in turn could reveal her magic skills of transformation which she agreed to the idea.  They shared a long loving kiss locked in their embrace then collapsed into slumber moments later dreaming happy visions as one mind that is.  In another bedroom down the hallway on the 2nd floor was Duke who had played the same ritual with Krystal the telepathic mind reading expert since the blue vixen was in love with the alien-buster and ladies man too!  Now he lay asleep with the vixen resting her head against his torso her eyes closed a peaceful smile on her face.  Laura in her own bedroom was remembering the good old days when her parents were alive and they as a family went on vacation fun trips constantly whether on Disney Cruises, visiting Disneyland Resort and the Walt Disney World Resort.

All of a sudden there came a sound like rumbling booms that jolted the Tomb Raider awake sitting upright in bed.  This was followed by bright lightning flashes outside the bedroom window.

LAURA: Oh my god! A thunderstorm.

She ran to the window peering out into the darkness seeing the trees tossing in the frenzied lashings of the wind and rain coming down in gray sheets then more lightning flashes as if God was taking flash pictures from his kingdom then more booms of thunder.

LAURA: Hope it doesn’t wake up Duke, Peter, Krystal and Sally.

Unfortunately it did awaken the foursome who also jumped out of bed and ran to look out the windows too.

DUKE: Great Scott!

KRYSTAL: What’s happening out there?

DUKE: A thunderstorm brewing out there, a good one too.

KRYSTAL: A storm?

DUKE: Aye, at least we’re not outside in that deluge.

KRYSTAL: My goodness…

SALLY: Aaaaaaugh!

PETER: It’s okay, nothing to fear.  As long as we’re indoors it cannot harm us.

SALLY: What’s going on?!!

PETER: That’s a thunderstorm raging outside but they usually don’t last very long, occasionally moving on to other parts of the planet.


Then as quickly as it came the storm disappeared and all was still and quiet again.  Laura came into the bedrooms to check on the others asking if they were okay which they replied they were unharmed.

LAURA: That was a big one all right.

DUKE: Yeah, I’ll say it was.

KRYSTAL: Wow, some kind of magic forces at work.

SALLY: Unlike anything I’ve seen on my home world.

PETER: No kidding…

LAURA: Back to bed and we’ll discuss about this in the morning.

Early the next morning over breakfast at the kitchen table with Alfred, Ezra and Emma the conversation centered around the thunderstorm the night before.

ALFRED: Storms like the one last night happen all the time when Mother Nature decides to throw her temper tantrum.

EMMA: Aye, she gets real mad or angry at times so we take shelter to avoid her wrath.

KRYSTAL: Goodness, I did not know this.

EZRA: There are lots of things you don’t know about our world ma’am.

SALLY: Tell me about it.

LAURA: I wonder if Lupe and others at headquarters weathered out the storm too.

SALLY: Hmmm…I’ll have to contact her and see what happened at base.

KRYSTAL: Who knows what she experienced last night.

EMMA: I hope she did not think it was the New World Order making a sneak attack on her and comrades.

EZRA: Agreed…

DUKE: Only one way to find out when we get there in person.

PETER: We’ll head over to headquarters first thing after breakfast.

ALFRED: Perhaps I can prepare something for you to give to your leader ma’am.

SALLY: Of course, Alfred.  That would be nice of you to do that.



After breakfast and dishes washed and put away…it was the Tomb Raider driving the Black Gold 4WD pulling truck, Star Lord driving the Orange Blossom Special 2WD pulling truck, and Nukem driving the Bigfoot monster truck with Sally and Krystal riding shotgun inside the King of the Monster Trucks so to speak.  It did not take too long for the friends, Krystal and Acorn to arrive at Wolf Pack headquarters located in the forest grove not far from Croft Manor.  Along the way Duke, Peter and Laura asked Sally and Krystal if they had the same kind of weather disasters on Mobius.

LAURA: I wonder if you get the same kind of weather storms on Mobius?

SALLY: I don’t know, maybe we do get storms but not as violent like the one last night.

DUKE: Wow, Mobius must be a strange planet to live on, especially for terran people like ourselves.

KRYSTAL: Oh really, hmmm…

PETER: Bet she found that very amusing.

SALLY: Ha-ha, hilarious.

Within seconds the three vehicles pulled up and stopped before the home base of the Wolf Pack and exited the trucks as Lupe herself stepped outside to greet them warmly with open arms.

LUPE: Welcome my human allies.  Nice of you to drop in and see us.

This is a strange planet, this Earth of yours.

DUKE: I was thinking of something like that about Mobius.




Then the rest of the magic warriors emerged from their base to look around as though expecting another attack from the forces of evil when Foxy noticed something and pointed to a distant rock face.

FOXY: Thundering typhoons! Look at that mountain.  It did not look like that minutes ago!

Everyone turned to stare in wide eyed shock…

KEN: Good grief!

MIRIAM: Half of it’s gone!

KRYSTAL: How is that possible? <can’t believe her eyes>

REYNARD: What kind of force can do that?

LAURA: It was struck by lightning from the storm last night.

When she said that the Wolf Pack gave surprised looks for the moment…

KEN: Those strange flashes lighting up our base?

MANGLE: Whatever it was it must’ve been powerful.

DUKE: Lightning is very powerful.  It can damage or destroy buildings, start forest fires in seconds.  A tiny bolt can pack a hefty punch.

Lupe appeared thoughtful as she pondered this mystery.  She and her family were desperate in looking for energy resources.  Could the answer lie in lightning she asked herself?

LUPE: How much do any of you know about lightning?

PETER: Lightning is electricity found in the upper atmosphere of our planet.

LUPE: We have electricity on Mobius but it does not fall from the sky to damage or destroy things.  We harness its power to create magic.

LAURA: You got to be kidding! There’s no way to control something powerful or dangerous as lightning.

SALLY: Oh no?

PETER: You’re forgetting that lightning can kill via electrocution.

The mutants gave shocked looks when Quill said those shocking words.  He explained how lightning struck down innocent victims and if medical treatment was not administered the helpless person or persons would die in a matter of minutes.

PETER: That is why we take shelter during thunderstorms to avoid being electrocuted.

REYNARD: Whoa, that’s real scary…

LUPE: On Mobius we learn to deal with forces you cannot begin to imagine.  This is a chance we cannot afford or miss to pass up.

DUKE: I got a bad feeling about this.

LUPE: The Wolf Pack must be ready for the next storm to arrive.

That is when Reynard the husband to Lupe suggested that he could build or create a machine that could capture lightning and convert into a source of energy in seconds that shook Laura, Peter and Duke.

LAURA: Impossible!  How can you even hope to capture lightning during a storm.

REYNARD: I have ways my dear. Besides with the magic assisting me in creating my invention I guarantee it will work.

LAURA: Oh my god…

PETER: You said it lady.

DUKE: Oh bother…

LUPE: If you believe you can come with an invention that will do the trick, good luck dear. Just make sure it is ready before the next storm.

Thus the military strategist-husband set to work gathering up necessary tools and equipment he would need to construct his invention then left for someplace private where he could work undisturbed.  The rest of the Wolf Pack took it easy so to speak listening to more stories of Disney and Universal theme park adventures told by Peter, Laura and Duke when Croft’s pager iPhone went off, she took the incoming call from Alfred letting her know lunch would be served and waiting when she and her boyfriends returned to the manor.

LAURA: Sorry but we’ve got to head back to the mansion but we’ll check in with you mutants again.

DUKE: Yeah, asta-la-vista, baby. I’ll be back.


PETER: Never mind… you would not understand.

LUPE: Goodbye my friends and allies, see you again soon.

Soon after Star Lord, alien-buster and Tomb Raider were driving their Bigfoot, Orange Blossom Special, Black Gold trucks back to Croft Manor where upon arrival were having lunch in the kitchen telling Alfred, Ezra and Emma about Reynard’s plans of building a machine to capture lightning.

EMMA: Good heavens, he thinks he can do that?

EZRA: That’s never been tried before in ages.

ALFRED: I say, I’ve never heard of a contraption like the one Reynard claims he can build.

LAURA: Beats me, guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

DUKE: Who knows how long that will take.

PETER: Yeah… who knows.

Reynard Wolf worked hard on his experiment until at last it was finished and he reported to his wife with the news.

REYNARD: I suppose you want to take a look at it.

LUPE: Yes, let’s see what you created.

Together they made their way to an open area outside the woods as the she-wolf leader looked around curiously for signs of the invention.

LUPE: So where is it?

REYNARD: Here it comes, honey.

LUPE: Huuuuuh!

Into view rose a slender mast of steel-metal that lifted into the air then stopped at full extension with its top partly obscured by drifting clouds.

REYNARD: From what I learned briefly of lightning striking tall objects on high points this is my personal lightning rod collector.

LUPE: Amazing.  So how do we extract the power from lightning.

REYNARD: See that cave? Inside I’ve built a lightning energy convertor and plan on having a test run during the next storm.

LUPE: Well done, dear. You are a genius indeed as well as military strategist too.

But then she looked grim as she feared the worst was to happen so to speak should the New World Order learn of this idea.

LUPE: Let’s hope Tryax does not find out anything about this invention.

REYNARD: Yes, or there will be hell to pay.

But unbeknown to both of them…someone or somebody had indeed found out and was flying away back to enemy headquarters, Laserbeak!  The macaw parrot was on its way with news of the latest Wolf Pack activity to its leader Tryax Kahn.  When it arrived it immediately reported to Kahn who listened with curiousity then sent for Jackie to see what he made of it.

TRYAX: What does it sound like to you?

JACKIE: It must be a radio tower of some kind.  From its size and location it must have great range, both for sending and receiving transmission signals.

FIONA: Who are the Wolf Pack sending messages to?  Perhaps there are new recruits from Mobius we know nothing about.  We must destroy this thing before it’s too late!

TRYAX: I make the decisions! Jackie, Laserbeak will take you to where it made this discovery.  Perhaps this invention may be useful to us.

JACKIE: As you command my lord.

FIONA: I still say we should destroy it!

Guided by Laserbeak, Jackie went swiftly to the site and once there searched in all directions but at first saw nothing.

JACKIE: Where is it?  Where is the tall radio tower?  I see nothing.

Laserbeak flew about in the sky but there was nothing to be seen.  Jackie was about to leave when he sensed a disturbance in the magic.

JACKIE: What do I feel, what is the magic trying to tell me about?

All of a sudden he saw movement out of the corner of his eyes so to speak as something began to rise into view among the rock formations and turned fully to see…the slender mast of Reynard Wolf’s lightning rod collector appear out of nowhere then stop with its top hidden in the haze.  His yellow eyes went wide in shock.

JACKIE: Holy smokes!  That must be the radio tower Laserbeak discovered.

The macaw flew back to its master to perch on his wrist and forearm then it too gazed at the mast.  At the same time inside the cave it was Reynard proudly showing off his lightning energy convertor to Lupe who marveled at the device.

LUPE: So tell me again how it works?

REYNARD: Simple, honey.  When the lightning hits the mast it will enter the convertor and be transformed into energy in seconds.  The globe spheres will light up indicating how much power is being generated at the moment.

LUPE: Amazing, then we can use it as a means of repairs to our spaceship.

REYNARD: Just what I had in mind myself.  Let’s go tell the rest of the pack.

LUPE: Yes, they must see this invention too.

For a long time Jackie remained where he was as he tried sensing within the dark-magic for any form of radio transmissions coming from the mast.  Unfortunately there was nothing to be heard.  Whatever the Wolf Pack created was a mystery to the jackal bodyguard.

JACKIE: The boss must know about this, let’s be on our way.

While that was going on…Mangle the white vixen and Krystal the blue vixen were having fun with GIJoe and Mike as the founder of Adventure Team Headquarters showed them around his complex and Mike demonstrating how he worked the radio equipment too.  The tour ended with a bird’s eye view inside the tower upstairs.

MANGLE: Wow, you can see in all directions.

JOE: Indeed, almost like being on top of the world so to speak.

KRYSTAL: Right…oh, check it out over there.

JOE: What in blazes is that? Where did that contraption come from. Mike, are you seeing this too?

MIKE: I sure am, that tower or whatever it is wasn’t there recently until now.

JOE: You know what that is?

MANGLE: Reynard Wolf said he was building an invention to capture lightning during a thunderstorm.

MIKE: He’s going to do what?!!

JOE: Capture lightning?  Is he crazy or out of his mind!

KRYSTAL: I wouldn’t say that. He claims he can do it.

MANGLE: Bet you never heard of anything like that.

MIKE: No, can’t say I have…

JOE: Oh my god…

Mangle and Krystal spent more time with GIJoe and Mike before heading back to Wolf Pack headquarters where they met Lupe and Reynard who were inviting everyone to come witness the ultimate creation in Mobian technology.  Soon after they were on their way and close behind came Laura, Peter and Duke with Alfred driving the Croft limousine after hearing over the phone about this invention and decided to also see it first-hand.

While inside the New World Order stronghold at the same time…Jackie finished his report to Tryax who looked thoughtful as he pondered this mystery.

TRYAX: This technology is beyond my wildest dreams or imagination.  If I could learn to unlock its secrets we would have a powerful weapon at our disposal.

FIONA: Nuts to that! Destroy it so the Wolf Pack cannot use it as a weapon against us.

JACKIE: Cool down your engines, lady in black.  We don’t know for certain if it is a weapon built by Lupe to be used against us.

FIONA: Hmmph!

TRYAX: Laserbeak, return and keep watch on our rivals while I make plans.


Unfortunately he failed to notice Fiona whisper something to one of the Trio of Danger brothers alias Bergamo the leader then both silently slip unseen out of the fortress.  Not knowing they were being spied upon the Wolf Pack went ahead with plans for the upcoming test run of the lightning energy convertor.  Powerful cables connected to the base of the mast wrapped in insulators for protection were hooked to the machine in the center of the cavern as Reynard explained how his invention would function as everyone gazed upon the convertor in wonder and awe.

REYNARD: And that is how lightning will be converted into energy.

DUKE: Cool, what a work of art.

PETER: Awesome…

ALFRED: Very interesting in how you plan on executing this test of yours.

LAURA: So these globes will tell how much power is inside the machine.

REYNARD: Exactly my dear.

ALFRED: Of course, sir.

FOXY: Shiver me timbers, what if there isn’t another storm a-coming to produce lightning?

ALFRED: There will be another storm, no need to rush Mother Nature at her work.

LAURA: We must learn to be patient and wait.

FOXY: If you say so, lass.

DUKE: We can check the radio for weather report updates to see when another storm is due to arrive.

PETER: Then the fun begins.

KEN: Cheer up, pirate king.  If there isn’t another storm a-coming we can fly a flag on Reynard’s mast.

REYNARD: Oh, really…hmmm…

SALLY: Oops, not good.

Everyone broke out into laughing mirth over that comment Monkey Kahn said.  Laserbeak arrived on site and perched atop the mast then peered down from its perch when it spotted familiar figures emerging from the cave entrance far below, the Wolf Pack, Tomb Raider, Star Lord, Alien-Buster and butler in tow all joking and laughing like good friends then Lupe instructed her family to transform and she in her Western Star 5700 XE semi form led the way single file back to headquarters followed by the limousine bringing up the rear.  As soon as they were gone Laserbeak flew back to nWo headquarters to make its report.  The steel mast was still a mystery but now it seemed the Wolf Pack had built something that was hidden inside the cave.

TRYAX: I must know what is so important that they would bury it.  I will not tolerate Lupe knowing something I do not.  I will force her to give me the secrets.

It was then he noticed Fiona missing and asked where she went when Basil and Lavender informed him they saw her and Bergamo leaving headquarters but had no idea where they were going.  Tryax’s face turned red with anger!

TRYAX: That wench!  I can only guess what she’s planning on doing behind my back.  We must stop her before it’s too late…scramble!

He led Lavender, Basil, Ninjara, Jackie, Beerus and Alicia at top speed to intercept and stop Fiona before she destroyed the Wolf Pack and their top secret weapon.  Inside Wolf Pack headquarters everyone was gathered or clustered around Nicole as she tuned to various radio stations looking for the latest weather report update.

ALFRED: The sky is clouding over I would not be surprised if another storm was coming.

NICOLE: Okay, here we go.  Listen up everybody.

RADIO: Here is the latest weather outlook for the next 24 hours.  Temperatures will stay the same but a warm, moist air-stream will move in tonight from the west with a strong possibility of thunderstorms over the mountains.

LAURA: This is it!  Another storm is on her way.

DUKE: Well, she’s coming on boys and she’s coming on strong.

SALLY: What does that mean?

DUKE: It was a quote Captain Billy Tine said to his crew onboard the Andrea Gail fishing boat before they encountered a dangerous storm.

PETER: The worst storm to hit the Atlantic coast line in the Autumn of 1991.

SALLY: My goodness!

MIRIAM: What a strange planet this is.  There’s going to be another storm, so that’s good?

LUPE: If Reynard’s invention is ready for testing let’s not waste time standing around…Wolf Pack, transform!

Once again the anthropomorphic warriors changed back into cars and trucks and made their way back to the location of Reynard’s lightning energy convertor.


    Storm clouds were beginning to gather as the Wolf Pack arrived on-site and a few drops of rain fell from the sky.  Just then another vehicle rolled into sight the 6-wheeled Adventure Team Vehicle with GIJoe at the controls pulled up and stopped as the AT founder greeted the mutants.
JOE: Hey, yo!  What are you all doing out here in this weather.
LUPE: We’re about to witness the lightning energy convertor in action.
REYNARD: Just about ready to begin the test.
JOE: Oh, does that have to do with the strange looking tower I saw from headquarters?
REYNARD: The one and only. <grins>
JOE: This ought to be fun to witness. <turns on radio> Mike, come in.
MIKE: <voice answers> Headquarters here…
JOE: Get ready to witness alien technology first-hand as I videotape the first ever lightning energy convertor.
MIKE: Cool! <sounds excited> Monitor screens online and standing by.
LUPE: <smirks> I doubt that’s going to be easy since the convertor is inside that cave. <points it out>
JOE: Oops, not good. <quotes Jack Sparrow>
MIKE: Wait a minute. <gets an idea on the radio> How about deploying the copter drone so it can view everything inside the cave without being detected.
DUKE: Oh, yeah. <grins behind dark glasses>
PETER: <gives thumbs up>
LAURA: <does the same>
SALLY: Oh, really. <leers with arms folded> What copter drone, he?
    GIJoe brought forth a machine that looked like a robotic mechanical 4-legged spider with miniature rotor blades and miniature camera lens built into its head.  Everyone stared in amazement.
MANGLE: What’s that?
FOXY: Blow me down…<quotes Popeye>
JOE: This, my friends is my personal copter drone with stealth technology enabling it to record video footage while being invisible and hard to hear using whisper mode.
MIKE: <on the radio> Yes, I helped Joe design and build it in my spare time.
KEN: Cool, maybe we can all see the convertor in action too. <grins>
LUPE: Okay, guess it won’t hurt.  Is it all right with you, honey? <asks her husband who nods> Very well, go ahead my friend.
JOE: Here we go. <activates control on underside of drone>
    In the next instant the quadruple copter rose into the air and with Mike controlling it from headquarters sent the aircraft on its way into the depths of the cave.  At the same time Laura, Peter and Duke insisted everyone take cover less they get soaked to the skin from the coming downpour as Lupe ordered her pack to take shelter beneath an overhang nearby and when everyone was in position and GIJoe using his iPad device to allow everybody video footage from the drone’s cameras who clustered around of course it was Reynard who cast forth a magic spell of sorts and into view rose the slender mast of the lightning rod collector.
    The storm clouds began to swirl around the lattice frame as thunder rumbled ominously overhead.  In the gathering gloom no one noticed two shadowy figures silently slip into the cave entrance, Fiona and Bergamo!  Inside the cavern the vixen in black and gray wolf with red scarf around neck and draped over right shoulder now stood in front of the energy convertor.
BERGAMO: So this is what the Wolf Pack built as their radio system.  Unlike any radio I’ve seen.
FIONA: <leers with hands on hips> If it is a radio system I wonder how it activates.
    She walked around the machine examining it from every angle so to speak.  From each corner of a head-high stone base rose a smooth silver column-pillar.  Each supported a globe sphere forming a square pattern with the convertor in the middle connected-hooked up via cables and insulators.  Nothing moved it was silent.
BERGAMO: So how should we destroy this so the Wolf Pack cannot send for reinforcements from Mobius?
FIONA: It’s not doing anything.  It doesn’t work! <sneers> And Tryax thought it was some kind of radio. <laughs>
BERGAMO: Duh, what’s so funny? <scowls>
    All of a sudden another voice rang out startling both warriors who jumped then froze in place as Tryax Kahn entered aiming his fusion cannon directly at his 2nd in Command.
TRYAX: Double crossing traitor!  Against my orders you would dare destroy this machine?
FIONA: What did you expect, huh! <retorts back angrily> Yes I wanted to destroy it before Lupe uses it to defeat us.
TRYAX: Is that so? <eyes narrow suspiciously> Didn’t I just hear you say it does not work.  Or was I mistaken instead?
FIONA: Hmmph! <arms folded>
BERGAMO: Hey, I wanted no part in her crazy scheme. <puts up his hands>
    Tryax ignored him while speaking as he looked upon the convertor for the first time.
TRYAX: We saw they have extended their antenna we we came here undetected.  No doubt at this very moment they are planning to send or receive incoming signals from Mobius.
    Ninjara, Basil, Lavender, Jackie, Alicia and Beerus stared in confusion and bewilderment at the machine.
BEERUS: What kind of radio is that?
NINJARA: <arms folded like her sister> Beats me, I don’t know what it is.
BASIL: Interesting…
LAVENDER: Yeah, I wonder how it works.
ALICIA: I don’t see any controls that turns it on or off.
JACKIE: Me either…
TRYAX: If Lupe has friends or recruits coming to aid in her cause, I want to know…then we can crush them all.
BERGAMO: Sounds like a good plan to me.
FIONA: Right!
    At the same time from the shelter of the overhang the Wolf Pack, Laura, Peter, Duke, GIJoe peered up at the mast as the storm grew in intensity.  At the same time the AT quad-copter still invisible and unseen hovered from the ceiling with its camera lens showing the energy convertor patiently awaiting the lightning charge but at the moment could not see the New World Order forces gathered around the device.  Lightning flashed among the dark clouds.  It glared blue-white against the lattice structure of the mast creating bright reflections.
JOE: There it is.  Oh, wow.  Never seen a device like that one.
MIKE: <on speakers> Me either, buddy.  Looks more like a futuristic looking machine of alien technology.
SALLY: Uh, yup. <leers> That’s what it is.
LAURA: Can’t wait for the show to start.  And we got front row seats too.
DUKE: Didn’t have to buy tickets either.
PETER: Oops, I forgot the popcorn and sodas, oh well.
KRYSTAL: <laughs> Don’t worry, the previews are still showing at the moment before the feature presentation.
KEN: So when is it going to do something useful?
ALFRED: Ahem, we must learn to be patient and wait sir. <scowls> It will happen soon enough.
MIRIAM: Oh my god! <quotes Joey Stiles of ECW> What was that? <eyes go wide>
    Suddenly with an ear splitting crash a jagged bolt of lightning shot down out of the thunderheads and impacted the mast.  Everyone gasped “OH!” at the same time with eyes wide.
LAURA: There she blows! <quotes Ahab in the novel Moby Dick>
ALFRED: My goodness!  It’s alive! <quotes Victor Frankenstein>
PETER: Here comes another one. <witnesses another bolt strike the mast>
JOE: Holy smokes! <his own eyes wide>
MIKE: Good grief! <quotes Charlie Brown over the radio> Look at it go.  Racing down the mast at super speed.
    Sure enough the electricity in a swift ripple of blue fire sped down the length of the mast into the cave itself where at the same time the nWo terrorists were thrown suddenly and violently off their boots by a tremendous surge of power from out of nowhere sending them crashing to the cave floor on their backs, chests and sides momentarily stunned.  There came a loud roar like pride of lions on the hunt followed by a crackle and splutter as the convertor activated, came online to receive the lightning charges into it.  GIJoe’s quad-copter momentarily blinded by the brilliant flash recovered quickly and refocused its cameras on the action taking place for the moment.  Joe watching on his iPad device exclaimed…
JOE: Wow, that was a close shave the man said to the barber.
DUKE: Look at that baby go.  It’s taking the electricity and converting it into energy like Reynard said it would.
REYNARD: <beams proudly> At-tah, just like I predicted all along.
ALFRED: I say, who are those shadowy figures getting to their feet? <frowns> Can’t quite make them out.
LAURA: Yeah, who are they? <also frowns>
LUPE: Wait a minute…<scowls> is that who I think it is?
    Back inside the cave the cavern was illuminated by the blue-white illumination as the convertor hummed with power while generating energy and the globe spheres shown brilliantly.  One by one the nWo mutants regained their feet again.
TRYAX: So it does nothing?  It doesn’t work?
FIONA: Hey! <retorts back> I didn’t know it was going to come online, duh?
TRYAX: <to Jackie> What are they saying?  What messages are they transmitting?
JACKIE: I cannot tell my lord.  All I hear is static electricity.
    No sooner had he said that when there came a noise like hissing, sort of like angry snakes about to strike.  This was followed by a bullwhip cracking sound as a burst of electricity shot out of the convertor striking the ceiling of the cave startling the nWo terrorists momentarily.  The electricity flowed along the ceiling and walls of the cave with pulsating flickering lights.  None of the mutants dare get too close when without warning one of them Anti-Sally that is got zapped or stung by the bolts causing her to yell in pain then drop to the cave floor wincing in agony.
ALICIA: Ugh, oh…<eyes clenched shut – teeth bared>
    Then she began to transform without calling upon her dark powers to change herself and completely morphed into the Western Star 4900SF tow truck.
ALICIA: Ooooooh…I hate it when that happens. <glowers in vehicle form>
    Beerus himself was also stung by the electricity as he attempted to protect himself and morphed into his form of the AH-1Z Super Cobra copter.
BEERUS: Damn it! <curses angrily>
    Jackie, Ninjara, Basil, Lavender, Bergamo reacted in shock and alarm at seeing their friends come under attack while trying to protect themselves too.  Except Fiona who had other things in store as she took aim at one of the column pillars.
FIONA: If this machine can be started then it can also be stopped!
TRYAX: Stop, you idiot!
    But too late as she opened fire on the column but the bolts seem to bounce right back at her!  Startled by this counter-attack she attempted to shield herself but was zapped, cried out in shock and pain then collapsed to the cave floor as Ninjara ran to her aid.  Scooping her sister into her strong arms she teleported herself and Fiona back to base as Kahn yelled to his minions.
TRYAX: nWo!  This is a trap meant to destroy our powers…retreat! <leads the way to safety>
JOE: What-the?!! <reacts in surprise to what he sees on iPad screen> Someone’s running away from the convertor.
MIKE: <voice on radio> I see somebody running too but can’t make them out.  Can you see who they are, Joe?
JOE: Hold on, gonna see if I can get a clearer view.  See if you can follow them. <zooms in for closer look>
MIKE: Gotcha! <replies back> Pursuing figures now. <manipulates controls at headquarters>
    And sure enough…the video images on GIJoe’s iPad revealed the terrorist figures of Tryax, Jackie, Beerus, Alicia, Bergamo, Basil and Lavender since Ninjara had teleported away with Fiona moments before as Laura, Duke, Peter and Alfred stared in shock disbelief.
DUKE: Oh my god! <quotes Joey Stiles of ECW> It’s the New World Order.
PETER: No way, not those dark-magic terrorists.
ALFRED: What were those terrorists doing inside that cave? <scowls>
LAURA: Looks like they’re heading towards the cave entrance as if something’s chasing after them.
    In the next instant the nWo mutants burst forth into the open into full view of Lupe and her family who reacted in disbelief.
LUPE: Tryax Kahn?!! <eyes wide in shock>
REYNARD: No way…
SALLY: What were they doing inside that cave during the test run.  Did they not know it was dangerous?
KEN: There they go. <watches the evil mutants fly away>
    One by one the dark-magic warriors flew off into the distant horizon until gone from sight.
FOXY: Yar! <glares> I thought I sensed the dark-magic in the vicinity but was not sure.
MIRIAM: So what were the nWo doing inside the cave anyway? <frowns> This doesn’t make any sense.
MANGLE: Maybe they mistook the lightning energy convertor for a secret radio transmitter and were trying to unlock its secrets.
KRYSTAL: Well they got the secrets the hard way.
REYNARD: Oh good grief! <quotes Charlie Brown>
    Then the military strategist-husband to Lupe went into the cave accompanied by the butler to inspect the test results of the convertor and were back again with good news.
ALFRED: Ahem!  Mr Reynard’s invention proved to be a complete success.  The convertor did indeed transfer lightning into a source of energy.
    A big cheer went up from everyone present pumping their fists up and down.  GIJoe’s quad-drone flew out of the cave and touched down into the compartment trunk of the Adventure Team Vehicle shutting down its systems as Joe closed the lid soon after then contacted his buddy at headquarters.
JOE: The test was a success.
MIKE: Congratulations! <excited voice on radio> This calls for a celebration.
JOE: I second that idea buddy. <turns off radio>
LUPE: Good job, dear. <hugs and kisses Reynard> Wolf Pack, let us return to headquarters or rather…to Croft Manor and celebrate this triumph in Mobian technology.
ALFRED: Of course, ma’am.  I’ll see everything is ready for the festivities. <climbs into the limousine with Laura and drive away>
    Soon after the Wolf Pack transformed into cars and trucks and drove away but Lupe lingered a bit longer gazing into the sky.  By now the thunderstorm had moved on leaving behind a clear night sky of stars and full moon shining down as she pondered.
LUPE: Energy from the sky will one day help me and my family return to Mobius.  It will also be our gift of goodwill to the people of Earth after we have left this planet.
    Then she too transformed into Peterbilt 379 form and followed GIJoe, Duke and Peter onboard the Adventure Team Vehicle back to the mansion and party-time!



    Days-weeks following the success of the lightning energy convertor test run the Wolf Pack used that new source of power in repairing their spaceship then spent free time hanging out with Laura, Duke, Peter, GIJoe and Mike who entertained them via Karaoke party sing-along, listening to stories told by the Tomb Raider and friends of visiting Disney and Universal theme parks to play and have fun, and so forth.  Joe, Duke, Peter even demonstrated to the lupine family the secrets of pro and hardcore wrestling then it was Lupe, Reynard, Foxy, Mangle, Sally, Monkey Kahn, Miriam, Sonia and Krystal learning how to perform the so-called moves inside the squared circle ring themselves as Laura and Alfred recorded all the matches then later they reviewed everything on the wide-screen television in the theater room.
SONIA: Wow, can’t believe I could pull off those moves.
KEN: Me too, especially as a heel villain.
SALLY: <leers> Yeah, you like playing dirty to win.
REYNARD: I think I made a good heel too.
MIRIAM: Oh, sure you did.
KRYSTAL: I almost became Knockouts World Champion but came up short.
LUPE: Which, I of course ended up with the belt. <leers>
FOXY: Yar!  Makes me want to defend the X-Division title.
MANGLE: I think you would make a perfect X-champion.
LAURA: There will be lots of times to go for and defend the TNA belts soon enough.
DUKE: Yeah, we can set up matches such as Ultimate X, King of the Mountain, and such.
PETER: We could call it “Wolf Pack Extreme Wrestling” or WPXP
ALFRED: Oh dear…to each his own I suppose.
    Everyone laughed at Quill’s interpretation of Wolf Pack Extreme Wrestling as the mutants visioned themselves battling each other and their human friends inside the ring.  Later dinner was served in the dining room-ballroom of the mansion while conversation centered around theme parks again.
JOE: Thus we never get tired of going back to our favorite theme parks when something new debuts.
MIKE: Walt continues to watch over the theme park he built for families to have fun together.
SALLY: Makes us want to visit those parks ourselves although I doubt that would be a good idea.
LUPE: Yes, who knows what would happen if people saw us wandering around in Disneyland.
PETER: They would think you were a new version of Disney characters.
REYNARD: They would? <surprised look>
DUKE: Uh-huh.  Kids would come over to ask for your autographs, parents would take photos of their children posing with you.
KRYSTAL: Oh my…like I would be a celebrity?
KEN: Cool…
LAURA: No one would fear you or be afraid of your species in the Magic Kingdom.
MANGLE: I can see it now…<begins to daydream>
SONIA: Yeah, me too…<also daydreams>
FOXY & MIRIAM: <nod together>
    When dinner was done the friends retired to the library where the magic mutants listened to audio books or read books while enjoying drinks and relaxing in front of the gas fireplace.  Sally and Peter slipped away to be alone together as they strolled through the garden in the backyard of the grounds walking among the beds of floral displays here and there in a rainbow of colors.
SALLY: It’s beautiful.  So many flowers to gaze upon.
PETER: I like coming out here when I feel bored and want to get out and be among the floral patterns.
SALLY: <inhales the scents> Mmmmm…I love the smells, the lovely scents. <eyes half closed – dreamy state>
    Just then it was Quill who surprised her when he disappeared briefly when she was not looking and when she came back to her senses…noticed he was gone.
SALLY: Peter, where did you go.  Where are you?
    Just then he tapped her on the shoulder, she spun around in shock to see him with a smirk on his face making her frown with arms folded.
SALLY: You know I do not like that, being shocked so to speak.  Where did you vanish to anyway?
PETER: Close your eyes my dear, I have a surprise just for you. <wiggles eyebrows at her>
SALLY: Oh really…<frown changes to leer> okay, they’re closed. <closes eyes with leer on her face>
PETER: Now, open them. <takes hands from behind his back> At-tah!
    Sally gasped in astonishment as Peter held forth a bouquet of flowers just for her.  She took it from him eyes still wide and mouth half open as she gazed upon the beautiful arrangement.
SALLY: So…beautiful, so…pretty too. <breathes in the scent> Mmmmmm…yes indeed. <sweet smile on her face> Thank you my boyfriend, I will treasure this always. <throws her arms around him in a hug>
    She then kissed him long and lovingly as he kissed her back holding her gently in his strong arms.  When they parted they laughed then kissed again before stopping to catch their breath, laugh again then rest their heads on their shoulders while rocking side to side as if dancing to an imaginary orchestra.  Soon after they exited the garden and sat on the backyard porch swing again resting their heads playfully on their shoulders eyes closed and enjoying their company.  Peter then offered to give Sally a massage which she accepted.
SALLY: I would love to have you massage me, I’ve never had one before.
PETER: Then you’re in for a real treat.
    He removed her boots and socks to expose her feet as she placed them in his lap and laid back against the pillow cushions on the armrest of the swing to watch him work his magic so to speak.  Quill massaged her heel-ankle working up and down and circular motions then the arch of her foot releasing sighs and moans of pleasure from Acorn moving up to her toes that Sally moaned even louder with eyes wide.
SALLY: Yes, yes…<moans> that feels so good…mmmm, yes. <moans again> Oooooh, ahhhhhh…please don’t stop, keep going.
PETER: As you wish my dear.
    He continued the therapy before stopping to rest his hands momentarily when Ezra came into view having returned from tending to the garden.
EZRA: Oh, looks like the two of you are having a good time.  I hope I’m not disturbing or interrupting anything here.
PETER: No you’re not.  We’re having fun.
EZRA: Of course, sir.  And you my dear?
SALLY: <leers> I’m having the time of my life.
EZRA: <nods> Very good.  Don’t stay out too late past your bedtime. <goes into the mansion>
    Peter and Sally laughed then Quill went back to massaging Acorn’s feet while she enjoyed every minute of the sensation flowing into her when at last she asked him to stop and he complied.  Scooting over with another leer on her face she plopped herself into his lap wrapping and locking her legs-feet around his waist, arms around his neck and leaned in close.
SALLY: And now here is your reward my love. <winks then kisses him again>
    They enjoyed another long session holding each other in a loving embrace while rocking back and forth together in the swing.  Finally they stopped to walk into the mansion only to notice the lights were off and the place was silent meaning the others had gone to bed by now.
SALLY: I think I should be getting back to headquarters in case Lupe wonders why I didn’t return with her, so…goodbye for now. <holds his hands in hers>
PETER: I will always be waiting till we meet again to have more fun. <winks and she giggles then they hug goodbye>
    Quill saw Acorn to the front door then watched as she drove away in her Camaro disguise into the night then he himself retired to his bedroom on the 2nd floor of the mansion.  When the sun came up the next day it was normal routine as usual…Lupe was in communication with King Max Acorn (Sonic SatAM Blast to the Past) via hologram transmission letting his majesty know how the quest was coming along.
MAX: Good to hear you embarrassed-humiliated the nWo in a manner of speaking. <smirks> Guess they got the shock of their lives.
LUPE: I’ll say they did. <grins> They mistook the lightning energy convertor for a radio system. <then giggles>
MAX: <chuckles> Yeah, right.  Wish I could’ve been there to witness this miracle myself, oh well.  Keep up the good work.
LUPE: As you wish sire.  I’ll be in touch next time. <the holographic form of Max nods then vanishes>
    The she-wolf leader went outside to enjoy the fresh air for a spell as she noticed her comrades working on their spaceship with assistance from GIJoe, Star Lord and the Alien-Buster patching up the fuselage hull so to speak but the Tomb Raider was at home not feeling so well, caught a flu virus that is and confined to bedrest.
LUPE: Well, look who’s here.  Didn’t know you would show up.
JOE: Greetings, madame wolf.  Thought we’d help in repairing the spaceship.
LUPE: Thank you GIJoe, I sure can use your help. <he nods>
DUKE: Sorry Laura couldn’t be here cause she’s not feeling good.
LUPE: Oh, what’s wrong with her? <concerned look>
PETER: She caught the flu bug in the morning, started coughing, running nose, fever.  Alfred, Ezra and Emma are looking after her.
LUPE: So sorry to hear that. <sad look>
SALLY: We were shocked too when they told us the bad news.
KEN: We were thinking or discussing of creating a potion-cure to restore Laura back to normal health.
KRYSTAL: But wanted your opinion first.
LUPE: Yes that would suffice. <agrees> Mangle, why don’t you see if you can conjure forth a serum potion to help Mrs Croft.
MANGLE: On it, right away! <heads into the base to sickbay>
    The white vixen medical officer created a potion serum then went immediately to Croft Manor in her Hummer H2 form where she was led at once into the master bedroom where Laura was half asleep but awoke when Mangle entered with the butler standing in the open door.
ALFRED: Ma’am, Dr Mangle is here to treat you of your illness.  Good luck my dear, I shall go now. <walks away>
LAURA: Oh, nice to see you.  You have a cure for me?
MANGLE: Yes, your friends told me you were not well so I came to cure you. <enters bedroom>
    She gave the Tomb Raider the potion which she consumed then fell back to sleep seconds later while Mangle kept watch at bedside.  Next she performed a scan within Laura’s body noting the results of her magic medicine working its powers in defeating the bacteria virus then everything appeared normal afterwards.  Smiling to herself she exited the bedroom just as Emma approached.
EMMA: How is she?
MANGLE: She is well again, the flu has been contained and terminated but she needs to rest.  When she awakens she will feel strong and healthy.
EMMA: Wonderful! <excited> Thank you miss. <then leaves to tell the good news>
    Nodding she made her way downstairs to the ground floor where Alfred and Emma waited for her at the front door.
ALFRED: I’m happy to hear Mrs Croft is healed. <nods> If there’s anyway to repay you…
MANGLE: <laughs> No need for that, I do it for free. <the butler nods>
EMMA: Thank you again for everything.
MANGLE: Of course, bye now. <exits the mansion – transforms into Hummer and drives away>
    Once back at base she informed everybody the good news which made mutants and humans cheer together.  Meanwhile inside the New World Order stronghold the forces of evil were plotting vengeance upon the Wolf Pack for almost destroying their dark powers in a manner of speaking.  Tryax in particular wanted revenge on Lupe for trying to stop him from fulfilling his destiny.
TRYAX: Lupe will pay dearly for attempting to use a fiendish machine against me and my horde to rob us of our powers!
    Still hopping mad, so to speak he went to inspect both his spaceship being repaired by the Cylon Centurions (1978-80 BattleStar Galactica TV series) and then the store of Energon cubes.  Just looking at the cubes of magic made him madder than ever.
TRYAX: Things are going slowly around here.  My starship is nearing completion with repairs but our store of Energon cubes is still far short of what we need!
    Not far away watching this was Fiona sneering to herself watching her boss go into a temper tantrum like a spoiled child or brat.
FIONA: Things are going slow because Kahn is soft.  The New World Order need a leader, like me and not a idiot like Tryax…Now if I were in charge, calling the shots, we would have destroyed the Wolf Pack for good and end the war-games between the two clans…and Mobius would be in the center of my empire!
    Yet she needed to bide her time, wait until the exact moment when she believed she was ready to challenge Tryax to death-match via light-sabers that is and defeat him in the end.  Then she would serve and obey the will of Gargamel as his new apprentice and rule over MoboTropolis the golden city too.  Tryax ordered Jackie to send out Buzzsaw another macaw pet servant to search for energy sources to steal.
TRYAX: Once we know where to make our next strike it’ll be a piece of cake.
JACKIE: As you wish…Buzzsaw, good luck in finding what the boss needs.
    The green wing scarlet macaw took flight and began its search.  It didn’t take long before it was back and playing forth hologram images of what it discovered.  There were woods-forests, mountains and rivers.  Sometimes there were towns here and there but there was nothing that suggested a source of energy to be stolen.  Kahn looked angry, even disappointed.
TRYAX: What a waste. <turns away>
JACKIE: Wait a minute, my lord. <makes him stop – turn around> A faint radar signal beyond the search parameters.  Advise visual inspection.
TRYAX: In that case let us check it out together.
    Both took to the sky and flew away towards the location indicated by the radar signals.  As she watched them disappear, Fiona muttered angrily.
FIONA: Kahn is stupid to go off on his own except for his so-called bodyguard to watch his back.  My time is near, I can feel the dark-magic revealing my destiny to me.  Soon the nWo will obey my will and do my bidding forever.
    Laughing to herself she strode away.


Already far away, Jackie’s powers sensed something ahead and below.  He swooped towards the ground closely followed by his boss.  The country was hilly.  Beneath was a long narrow valley and through it ran a blacktop highway.  Cruising along the road was a futuristic looking car that Tryax at first mistook for you-know-who.

TRYAX: Wolf Pack?!!
JACKIE: Negative, terran-form, human people.  Advise non-interference. <he rises into the sky again>
    As Tryax and Jackie disappeared from sight the car alias the DeLorean DMC time vehicle continued on its merry way.  Inside were two men, Dr Nigel Channing (portrayed by Eric Idle in Journey into your Imagination with Figment) and his friend & colleague Dr Emmett Brown (portrayed by Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future the Ride)
EMMETT: Well, Professor.  We will soon know if your solar energy system is a success.
NIGEL: I know already.  It is far successful that I could’ve imagined.  The energy level is more than we can use and yet there’s still much work to be done.
EMMETT: Only one way to find out.
NIGEL: Exactly, onward to the Imagination Institute.
    The valley was now very wide.  The time vehicle came to a high fence and a steel gate that barred their way.  At the touch of a control system inside the DeLorean, the gate slid open and they passed through into the parking lot of the Institute.  Massive pieces of machinery towered above the time vehicle and its occupants as it pulled up beside the main building halfway across the valley floor.  Rail-mounted steel cradles supported four huge mirrored saucers.  Together, they formed a square pattern almost a kilometer wide.  Cables and steel ducts connected them to a smaller saucer in the center, close to the main building.  From the smaller saucer a broad beam of golden sunlight played on the shining metal surface of an enormous sphere which was poised on a tripod of slender steel legs.
    Inside the main building the two scientists went about checking and double-checking the computer monitor readouts and jolting down notations.
EMMETT: Great Scott, perhaps we should have someone here keeping watch over the equipment.
NIGEL: There’s no need for that.  The complex is automated to protect itself constantly.
EMMETT: Huuuuuuh!  Jumping giggiwatts, this kind of imagination is beyond my wildest dreams!
NIGEL: <laughs> It can be so when you set it free.
    They exited the building and with Doc Brown driving as usual passed through the main gate that opened and closed behind the DeLorean time vehicle.  The dust from the receding vehicle had barely settled when there was movement on the rim of the valley and Tryax Kahn with Jackie Jackal appeared on-site to gaze down on the sight before their eyes.
TRYAX: Yes, of course!  Energy from the sun, why didn’t I think of that before? <evil grin> This way we can create many Energon cubes at once.
JACKIE: That should make our work a little easier. <also evil grin>
TRYAX: Yes my bodyguard.  Send a message, I want the entire nWo gang assembled here without delay.
    Inside the dark-magic stronghold, Fiona listened to Kahn’s orders as it blared over the loudspeakers.
TRYAX: Attention, all New World Order forces are to assemble at solar complex…32.5 kilometers from base, on bearing 234*…meet Jackie and I at building in center of the complex.
FIONA: At last!  He made the ultimate mistake of letting me know where to find him. <sneers> The time has come to end his reign of terror forever.
    With that she summoned forth Bergamo, Basil, Lavender, her sister Ninjara, Anti-Sally Acorn, and Beerus and told them of her plans.  They all appeared shocked-alarmed.
BEERUS: Are you sure you are ready to lead the New World Order?
FIONA: <leers> You don’t think I can, he?  I’ll make you eat your words so to speak.
BEERUS: Well, sorry I asked.
FIONA: Believe me when I say this will be remembered in nWo history.  You will obey my will, do my bidding.
ALICIA: <sneers> As if…but on second thought, now that I think of it…<changes her attitude when Fiona glowers at her>
BASIL: Here-here! <salutes the vixen>
LAVENDER: Me too! <does the same>
BERGAMO: Where you go, I follow. <also salutes>
NINJARA: I believe you can do it, sis.  I will be honored to serve as your 2nd in Command.
FIONA: Now you’re talking. <high-five slaps with her and fist bump> nWo…move out!
    Things were quiet and peaceful at Adventure Team Headquarters with GIJoe and Mike operating the radio communication equipment.
MIKE: Not much happening at Wolf Pack HQ, maybe they’re enjoying some R&R.
JOE: I guess…what else is new.  Wait, is that Reynard? <sees the GMC TopKick driving by> I wonder what he’s up to.
MIKE: Want me to contact him?
JOE: No, I’ll go see for myself. <heads for main garage>
MIKE: Roger, Joe.  I’ll stay in touch as always.
    GIJoe was soon at the controls of his Adventure Team Vehicle following the TopKick truck form of Reynard when the military strategist and husband to Lupe noticed him tailing him, slowed down and stopped.
REYNARD: Joe, didn’t know you were planning on joining me for a trek.
JOE: I noticed you on your own and decided to tag along if you don’t mind.
REYNARD: Not at all.  Just going for a spin through the countryside.
JOE: Let’s roll…<quotes the famous battle cry of United Flight 93>
    Together they rolled along before stopping on a low hill…
REYNARD: Might be something worth listening to on the radio.
JOE: Yeah, how about some Oldies music of the 50s-60s.
REYNARD: Sounds like fun to me, dude.
    GIJoe then extended his scanner antenna and began rotating the mini-dish while tuning for various radio stations.  Finally he found his favorite station and turned up the volume.
JOE: Ah, here we go.
REYNARD: Oh, yeah. <grooves in vehicle form> Get down. <that makes Joe laugh>
    All of a sudden between commercial breaks, news briefs and weather reports before going back to the music there came strange noises interfering with the frequency.
JOE: Now what the heck is that? <frowns>
REYNARD: Uh-oh…the magic informs me of dark presence moving fast and away from our position.
JOE: I got a bad feeling about this. <quotes Indiana Jones – turns on CB radio> Calling headquarters, come in.
MIKE: Headquarters here, go ahead Joe.
JOE: Reynard detects the dark-magic forces moving through the air, trying to determine which direction.
MIKE: Oops, not good. <quotes Jack Sparrow> I’m contacting Lupe pronto! <signs off>
    Within seconds both Reynard and GIJoe were at Wolf Pack headquarters and reporting the news to the she-wolf leader.
REYNARD: nWo moving fast and airborne!
JOE: We detected their evil presence.
LUPE: See what you can find, Miriam. <she nods and goes to work>
    By that time it was Laura, Peter and Duke showing up in record time now that the Tomb Raider was healthy again to take part in fighting the forces of evil.
LAURA: I wonder where Tryax and horde are heading off to…
MIRIAM: Well, according to what Reynard sensed moments ago the nWo are heading for the desert.  But what can they find there? <puzzling frown>
PETER: The only place I know of in that area is the Imagination Institute, owned by Professor Nigel Channing.  Perhaps they plan on dropping in for a friendly visit.
FOXY: One thing’s for sure, mate…they’re not going to bring chocolates as a gift, Yar!
LUPE: <leers> Well, we haven’t been invited either.  However I think we should take a look.  I’ll investigate with Laura, Peter, Duke and GIJoe.  Krystal, be ready to send the rest of the pack at a moment’s notice.
KRYSTAL: Yes ma’am! <salutes>
SALLY: If you don’t mind, I’ll go too to protect Peter from being harmed, he? <leers at him>
PETER: You watch my back, I’ll watch yours. <she nods and gives thumbs up>
LUPE: As you wish Acorn. <laughs>
    Using the light-magic to obey their will both Lupe and Sally magically changed into Peterbilt 379 and Chevy Camaro forms with Peter climbing into the sports car behind the driver’s wheel and buckling in as Sally closed the door for him of course, GIJoe in the passenger seat too.  Duke and Laura climbed into the cab of the semi, buckled their belts too.
LAURA: Never thought I would be a trucker.
DUKE: Me too, especially driving a semi or rather automated driving big rigs while you monitored its progress instead.
LUPE: Ha-ha, hilarious. <quotes Hiro Hamada in Big Hero 6> Are we ready? <Duke and Laura say “Yes!”> Here we go. <revs her engines>
SALLY: We’re out of here! <quotes Kidd Video>
JOE & PETER: YeeHaaw! <shout the Dukes of Hazzard yell>
    In the next instant both Peterbilt 379 and Chevy Camaro were on their way towards the Imagination Institute.


Meanwhile, Fiona led the New World Order swiftly over the hills towards the valley where Tryax and Jackie waited.  The jackal sensed their presence and informed his boss.

JACKIE: nWo within low frequency detector range.
TRYAX: Right, that gives us enough time to prepare.
    Over the rim of the hills, came the airborne mutant terrorists.  Below lay the solar complex the Imagination Institute.  And in the center was the building where Tryax and Jackie were to meet them.  Fiona laughed as they swooped closer.
FIONA: Stand by, I want the entire gang on the ground at the same time.  Everybody take up positions according to my orders, fire at will when ready.
    In a final rush, the nWo dropped to the ground and surrounded the building.  There were no windows, only one metal door.  The vixen in black removed her light-saber hilt from her belt but did not yet activate its glowing energy blade as she stepped forward.
FIONA: Come out, Tryax!  Your reign of terror and evil is finished.  If you act sensibly, I might even be merciful and spare your life.
TRYAX: Oh, really…<speaks from behind her>
    Fiona spun about in time to parry-deflect force lightning thrown at her as Kahn stepped into view from the shadow of one of the solar saucers attempting to incapacitate her since he knew what she was planning on doing all along.  Fiona blocked another burst of lightning with her light-saber’s blade then Tryax ceased the assault and stood facing her as she leveled her laser sword at him.
FIONA: I challenge you to a death match!  It is my destiny to rule the New World Order empire as leader!
TRYAX: <glowers> Foolish girl…<shakes his head then ignites his saber and salutes> then strike me down if you can.
FIONA: With pleasure…<sneers as she returns salute then sets herself>
JACKIE: Oh this is going to be fun. <quotes Dracula in Hotel Transylvania 2>
    Fiona charged Tryax ready to cut him down but Kahn blocked her death blow then parried another thrust aimed at him turning the strikes away with ease.  Fiona continued striking out with combination of thrusts yet failed to batter down Kahn’s defenses.  Tryax then thrust back forcing Fiona to parry his blows in return as the duel raged.  The rest of the mutants watched helplessly.
BERGAMO: Who knows who’s going to be the victor.
BASIL: I’m going for Fiona to win.
NINJARA: Come on, you can take him! <urges her twin on>
LAVENDER: That is if she can do it. <worried look>
ALICIA: I can’t bear to watch. <turns away – closes her eyes>
BEERUS: Me too…<does the same thing>
JACKIE: Go Tryax…
    Back and forth the warriors exchanged death blows but neither could disarm or defeat the other’s skills.  All of a sudden however it was Tryax who got the better of Fiona when he distracted her long enough with another force lightning attack, she parried it only to be lifted off her boots using a force choke then thrown through the air via force shove.  She tried landing on her feet again, stumbled-tripped and went down sprawling as Kahn moved in quickly and with a flick of the wrist sent her saber flying out of her hands.  Gasping for air, eyes wide in shock and anger she glared up as Kahn returned the stare right back his red blade inches from her face.
TRYAX: So you are prepared to spare my life, are you?  You will never make a leader that way.  Leaders like myself do not show mercy to their enemy unless otherwise that is.  They are ruthless and cunning.  Did you really think I would allow you to easily defeat me in combat then prove yourself worthy as nWo leader?
FIONA: Grrrrrmph…ooooooooh! <snarls angrily in reply – eyes narrowed>
TRYAX: Face it, you still have much to learn before you can fulfill your destiny.  A nWo leader must also be practical and I need every pair of hands necessary if we are to return to Mobius and begin the conquest of the universe.  Beware the day when you are no longer useful to my cause. <deactivates his saber>
FIONA: <still eyes narrowed – teeth bared expression>
NINJARA: Oh my god…<quotes Joey Stiles of ECW> she almost had him.
JACKIE: Right…<smirks to himself>
TRYAX: <speaks to his bodyguard> Prepare the Energon cubes. <the jackal salutes>
    In the meantime it was Lupe, Sally, GIJoe, Laura, Duke and Peter making their way towards the Institute when they stopped on the crest of a hill.  Below in the valley a blacktop highway wound its way into the far distance.  The Tomb Raider climbed down from the cab of Lupe’s semi form for a brief survey then said.
LAURA: That should take us in the right direction.
LUPE: <Peterbilt form> Right, onward then. <opens door as Laura climbs back aboard>
SALLY: That’s the Imagination Institute? <stares at distant complex in Camaro form>
PETER: I think so since I’ve not been there myself.
JOE: Dr Channing is a genius who discovered the magic of imagination and how it can be used to create the future.
SALLY: Interesting…
LUPE: Stay close, Acorn.  Who knows what we’ll find out there. <begins driving again>
SALLY: Yes ma’am. <follows in her wake>
DUKE: Yo-ho-yo-ho, a pirate’s life for me. <sings the famous POTC theme song>
    Minutes later they reached the complex.  GIJoe exited the Camaro and checked the main gate.
JOE: Locked as usual to keep out trespassers.
LUPE: <transforms to mutant self> No problem, a magic spell should do the trick, ahem! <leers>
SALLY: <also transforms> You got it. <also leers>
    Together they used their powers to lift Joe, Laura, Peter and Duke into the air and over the fence then set them gently down on the other side before levitating themselves over the barrier to join them and soon all were inside the complex.  In the distance loomed the huge mirrored saucers and the shining metal sphere.  A bustle of activity in the distance showed where the New World Order were hard at work.  Lupe took the lead followed by the humans and Sally providing rear guard protection as they made a wide circuit of the base to see what the opposition was up to.
LAURA: What can you see through the light-magic?
LUPE: It looks like Tryax and horde are creating more Energon cubes as usual, the easy way instead of the hard way. <scowls>
DUKE: Great, those alien bullies are stealing again as always. <frowns behind dark glasses>
JOE: We’d better call in reinforcements.
LUPE: There isn’t time for that.  It looks as though they are almost finished.  We must stop them on the spot.
PETER: Any ideas?
SALLY: The only one I can come up with…destroy the Energon cubes so Kahn cannot use them. <leers>
PETER: Good grief! <quotes Charlie Brown> Me and my big mouth.
LAURA-DUKE-JOE: Uh-huh…right! <say together>
LUPE: No, I like that idea. <also leers>
    The dark-magic mutants worked fast.  They had used magnetic clamps to fix the energy conductors to the metal surface of the energy convertor.  The conductors carried the solar energy to the cubes.  The mutant terrorists stacked the containers some distance away, close to the fence which circled the complex.  The four enormous mirrored saucers moved automatically to follow the rays of the sun, but the single smaller saucer still directed its beams onto the convertor.  Nukem whispered to his friends as he pointed.
DUKE: Bingo, there’s our weapon.  I think the small saucer is on a turntable so it can be adjusted.  If I can get to that building there, I think I’ll be able to find the control system.
PETER: I’ll do the honors.  Star Lord to the rescue.
    As he said that he tapped his forehead and instantly a facemask magically appeared to form over and down his head and face in seconds.
SALLY: Oh my god! <quotes Joey Stiles of ECW> How did you do that?
STAR LORD: Simple, a little big of magic and technology goes a long way. <Sally scowls with arms folded> Hey, it’s a figurement of speech.
LUPE: <chuckles> That’s a cool looking disguise, I like it. <gives double thumbs up> Good luck Star Lord. <salutes him>
LAURA: Want me to cover your back?
SALLY: Negative, he’s mine. <leers> As always…<then winks> I got your 6:00 covered.
LAURA: <rolls her eyes> Okay, I’ll hold down the fort with Joe and Duke. <they nod affirmative>
    Moments later Star Lord was zooming through the air via rocket jet-pack with Sally flying behind him heading for the building in the center of the complex.  In a few minutes both touched down by the wall of the building.  Carefully they crept round to the metal door.  Fortunately, the nWo were working on the other side.  Star Lord gripped the handle and pulled but nothing happened.
STAR LORD: Hmm, must be locked from the inside.  Can’t use my blasters, probably wouldn’t work anyway. <glances at his twin double-barrel guns in holsters>
SALLY: I’ll see if I can let the boss know.  The enemy is about to pull up stakes and depart.
STAR LORD: Hold up, I’ll use Morse code to contact Lupe. <Sally looks confused but nods and gestures>
    The leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy removed one of the double-barrel blasters and held it so the sun shone on the gun’s barrel and began to signal.  Lupe saw the flashes but did not understand.
LUPE: What’s he doing down there? <frowns> What’s with those flashes.
LAURA: That’s Morse code. <recognizes> It’s a way of sending messages.  Let’s see…<begins to translate> D-O-O-R  L-O-C-K-E-D  N-E-E-D  A-S-S-I-S-T-A-N-C-E
LUPE: I have just the tool for the trade. <conjures forth object out of thin air>
DUKE: What in the universe is that?
LUPE: A sonic multi-tool used to open locked doors in seconds.
JOE: Let’s hope it works.
    Lupe nodded then sent the object floating through the air in the direction where Star Lord and Sally stood by the locked door of the building.  Acorn saw it appear into view and caught it.
SALLY: Yes, this should unlock the door. <turns to Star Lord> Try this, Lupe’s sonic multi-tool.
STAR LORD: Oh, okay. <takes it from her> Here goes nothing.
    He pressed a control stud on the tool as he aimed it at the door.  All of a sudden there came a whirring sound followed by a click and the door opened.
SALLY: At-tah, Mobian technology at its finest.
STAR LORD: Yes! <high five slaps her> The credit goes to your boss.  Now the fun begins. <leads her into the building>
LAURA: They’re inside. <sees them enter>
LUPE: Now to see what happens as they blow up the Energon cubes.
DUKE & JOE: Yeah…<say together>
    The nWo terrorists were packing up their equipment and collecting their share of Energon cubes between them, about to return to base when Fiona exclaimed in shock alarm…
FIONA: What the h***?!! <eyes go wide> The solar machinery is going mad!
TRYAX: Huuuuuuh?!! <gasps with eyes wide>
    The swinging saucer was rotating one way and another way until locking onto target so to speak.  It no longer blazed onto the convertor.  Instead the beam was now aimed straight at what was left of the Energon cubes that had not been collected yet.  For a moment they pulsed with a million megawatts of super energy then, in a blinding ball of fire and light, they exploded!  The shock-waves slammed Tryax, Alicia, Beerus, Bergamo, Basil, Lavender, Ninjara, Fiona and Jackie onto their backs or faces.  Seconds later the last of the precious cargo flickered and died in the scorched ground.  Inside the building at the same time…
STAR LORD: Bingo, direct hit!
SALLY: Yes!  Take that New World Order…whoa-ho! <whoops it up>
    The dazed and battered dark-magic mutants climbed shakily to their feet and took off back to their base taking with them the cubes that had not been destroyed until gone from sight.  Kahn took a final look at the smoking containers then saw Lupe, Duke, GIJoe and Laura heading his way and glared.
TRYAX: Lupe!  I should have known this was your doing.  You will regret the day you dared to interfere in my affairs!
LUPE: Forget it, Kahn. <glares> You’ve lost this round for the moment.
LAURA: Yeah, you big creep. <flips him off>
DUKE: Get lost you no good bully.
JOE: When will you lean that stealing is wrong.
TRYAX: Ha! <laughs back> I dare you to teach me a lesson.
STAR LORD: Oh yeah? <exits building and aims both blasters> Care to say that to my babies.  Reach for the sky varmint.
SALLY: <glares with arms folded> It’s over, Tryax…you know it.
TRYAX: Bah!  I’ll be back!
    Then he launched himself into the air flying back to his stronghold to hatch more evil schemes for the defeat and destruction of the Wolf Pack and his final victory on Mobius.


    Once again Team Wolf Pack were enjoying a feast courtesy of Alfred, Emma and Ezra, Laura and company inside the dining room-ballroom of Croft Manor listening to Peter and Sally describe in detail how they blew up the Energon cubes sending Team New World Order packing so to speak.
PETER: And that is how we did it. <nods at Sally who nods back>
LUPE: Yes since I witnessed everything from my front row seat. <smirks>
REYNARD: Totally awesome!
SALLY: You could say that. <grins> All the credit goes to Star Lord that is.
DUKE: The hero of the universe to be exact.
PETER: Ah, enough already. <blushes as everyone laughs>
LAURA: So that sets back Tryax’s quest of stealing resources for the moment.
KEN: Serves him right that no good bully.
MIRIAM: Now we can enjoy some more R&R until the next time.
SONIA: Who knows how long that will be.
LAURA: Sooner or later. <Sonia nods>
LUPE: Miriam’s right about R&R since we all need lots of it.
MANGLE: How do you still feel? <asks Laura>
LAURA: Never felt better since you gave me that potion cure.
MANGLE: I guarantee it will keep the flu bug at bay.
FOXY: That’s my sis…<gives her a thumbs up – she returns it>
PETER: Well that was a wonderful feast, bet everyone’s stuffed. <all heads nod around the table>
ALFRED: I’m glad you enjoyed it sirs, madames. <enters room> Why don’t all of you enjoy yourselves while I tend to duties.
    Everyone nodded and set off throughout the mansion while the butler, footman and maid cleared the dishes, washed and put them away as usual.  That gave Sally an idea as she whispered something to Peter who nodded and together they slipped away from the others into the backyard where again they engaged in making love.  Stark naked they fought for control over each other’s beings by kissing, necking, tongue wrestling, humping, massaging one another’s bodies, etc.  Peter concluded the session feeding Sally his manhood as she took it willingly clutching tightly to him and riding the tsunami wave of pleasure into shore.
    At last they lay exhausted still locked together in a loving embrace sweat covering their bodies and grinning wordlessly into their faces.
PETER: Now that was a rush indeed.
SALLY: You said it.  My love for you is strong as ever and will not fail you.
PETER: Nor will my love fail you either my dear.
    They kissed for a long time then rested comfortably in their arms beneath the stars and full moon shining down.  Inside the mansion the Wolf Pack with Duke and Laura watched wrestling DVDs in the theater room whooping it up for their favorite superstars in the ring.  Ezra and Emma were also watching too since they were fans of pro wrestling themselves but Alfred did not believe in that sporting event since he did not know the secrets himself of wrestling looking violent but not real so to speak.  By the time the DVDs ended it was time for the pack to return to base.
LUPE: Thanks again for everything, we will not forget this.
EMMA: Of course, we always like entertaining you magic warriors.
EZRA: Feel free to come back as always.
LUPE: We will do that, count on it.  Wolf Pack, let us be going now. <looks around and leers> I bet Sally’s hanging out with Peter as usual.
REYNARD: <leers too> As always…
DUKE: She can’t get enough of him.
LAURA: Oh bother…<quotes Winnie the Pooh>
    In moments the mutants in their vehicle forms were returning to base with Sally going with them of course after being informed it was time to return to headquarters, again saying goodbye to her true love till next time they got together.  Safely back inside their fortress the Wolf Pack prepared for bed as Lupe communicated with his majesty.
MAX: Good to hear from you again.  I trust the mission goes well.
LUPE: Indeed, sire.  So far we’ve stopped the New World Order from stealing anymore resources on this planet.
MAX: Excellent!  So when do you plan on coming home?
LUPE: Once our spaceship is finished being repaired then refueled we’ll be on our way.
MAX: Good, see you again soon, cherrio! <ends transmission and vanishes>
    Lupe then retired to her bed chambers and fell asleep soon after till morning came the next day.  While inside the nWo fortress Tryax was fuming mad of having Lupe blow up his Energon cubes even though his minions returned with many containers filled with solar energy and stockpiled them of course.
TRYAX: I may never know who that masked warrior was that threatened me like that. <glares> He dared destroy my resources of power?  And Sally was working with him too.
    He paced to and fro inside his quarters still pondering this mystery before deciding on a plan of action that is.  Summoning Jackie Jackal to his office he instructed him to create a list of sites that he could choose in order to launch another energy stealing mission.  That task meant for Jackie to infiltrate Wolf Pack headquarters.
JACKIE: I will create the list and return with it as you ordered. <half bows to his leader>
TRYAX: Excellent.  Be on your way my friend and good luck.  May the dark-magic be with you.
JACKIE: As you wish. <leaves his office>
    As soon as he was gone Kahn went back to pacing around his quarters then a vision showed itself to him, that of the saber duel with Fiona and how he humiliated her so badly.
TRYAX: What was she thinking, did she really believe she could do a better job than me?  I doubt she will dare try something like that again, or else…
    And at that same moment…Fiona was angrily cussing up a storm so to speak.
FIONA: How dare Tryax use a force choke on me making me helpless to strike him down!  Then make me look like a fool in front of the others, oooooooooh! <snarls in anger>
    Back inside the Wolf Pack base things were routine as usual.  Sonia decided to go for a spin in the countryside and for the fun of it asked Duke if he would like to go with her which he complied in a matter of speaking and soon after Nukem aboard the BigFoot monster truck was cruising along with Sonia in her vehicle form of Dodge Charger like the one used by Vin Diesel in Fast and the Furious franchise.
SONIA: This is really a nice planet to live on if I do say so myself.  Like being on vacation.
DUKE: Oh, yeah.  Without clashing against the nWo forces constantly that is. <Sonia laughs in vehicle form> Thought that would crack you up.
SONIA: I like being with you and your friends all the time.  It’s as if I have a crush on you already if you know what I mean.
DUKE: Great Scott! <quotes Doc Brown> I now have two magic girlfriends going steady with me…Krystal and Sonia.
SONIA: <laughs again> And I ain’t letting go of you either.
    They stopped to rest a spell with Sonia changing back to her hedgehog form and Duke jumping down out of BigFoot and together they sat side by side beneath the shade of trees drinking water to rehydrate themselves and snuggling close with Nukem rubbing Sonia’s backside making her sigh and moan to herself eyes half closed.  She kissed him several times, he returned the favor before they were grappling playfully wrestling about on the ground then kissing and rubbing their backs, shoulders, necks, running fingers through their hair, etc.  Now the female hedgehog rested her head against Nukem’s torso while the alien-buster sat with his back against a tree still caressing her backside tenderly while she slept, a smile on her face.
DUKE: Can’t believe she’s in love with me already, how cool is that?
    All of a sudden Sonia’s eyes popped wide open with a start as she gasped!  Her head came up quick which surprised Duke as well.
DUKE: What, what is it?
SONIA: Jackie Jackal was inside headquarters, attempting to use Nicole’s data base network!  I saw a vision in the magic.
DUKE: Nuts! <glares behind dark glasses> And we didn’t know about it.
SONIA: <also glares> Aye, let’s roll! <springs to her boots to transform back into Dodge Charger form>
DUKE: We’re out of here! <quotes Kidd Video as he jumps aboard BigFoot>
    They sped back to base where upon arriving were informed by Sally who told them of Jackie stealing something from Nicole’s hard-drive and when she attempted to stop him was nearly incapacitated when he used a force choke on her but was momentarily distracted by Krystal who zapped him with her magic making him release the grip on Acorn.  Then a brief 2-on-1 light-saber duel commenced but was quickly halted when the jackal bodyguard to Tryax made good his getaway disappearing with Ravage by the time Lupe and the others arrived.
SALLY: I have no idea what he did to Nicole but I ran a diagnostic systems check and she confirmed everything was fine.
DUKE: That’s good to know.
SONIA: Sorry we were not here in time to stop him from escaping.
LUPE: Not a problem, Krystal and Sally held their own against him.
KRYSTAL: Right! <thumbs up>
    Nukem then drove back to Croft Manor with the news for Laura, Peter and staff to hear…and simultaneously it was Jackie presenting the holographic list to Kahn who looked over it with evil satisfaction.
TRYAX: Good work Jackie, I commend you.
JACKIE: Thank you my lord.  However I was confronted by Sally and Krystal trying to prevent my escape but I managed to elude them.
TRYAX: Very good. <examines holograms again> This site will suffice our needs.  The hydroelectric power plant and dam to be exact.  From what it says here the power output is one million kilowatts.
JACKIE: That should do nicely in creating Energon cubes.
FIONA: <objects> But that’s not enough electrical power to even make the cubes.
TRYAX: Your knowledge is only overshadowed by your stupidity Fiona. <she glares him down> We are going to create a tidal wave, one that will send power surging through the dam to make all the Energon cubes we need.  We attack the dam when I say we are ready.
JACKIE: By your command. <salutes>
FIONA: As you wish…<glumly salutes too>
    Now it just so happened that another spaceship the ICARUS (fictional spaceship in the 1968 Planet of the Apes movie and 1974 Planet of the Apes television series) appeared out of nowhere and crashed into the ground knocking unconscious its three occupants onboard.  Laura and GIJoe onboard the Adventure Team Vehicle went immediately to investigate and found the vessel.
LAURA: Is that another Mobian vessel from Lupe’s home world?  I recognize the markings on its fuselage.
JOE: Maybe its recruits coming to the aid of the she-wolf leader.  Let’s see if they’re alive.
MIKE: <voice on radio> Joe, come in!  Have you located the source of the disturbance?
JOE: Affirmative, Mike.  Laura and I found another spaceship similar to the one Lupe and her family arrived on Earth.
LAURA: We’re going inside to see if there’s any mutants onboard.
MIKE: Roger, Laura.  Keep me informed of what you find. <signs off>
    Inside the spaceship the AT founder and Tomb Raider made a startling discovery when they noticed the unconscious anthropomorphic beings strapped into their seats with their heads slumped forward.  One resembled a raccoon clad in orange-black jump-suit with brown shoulder pads, minus boots or gloves.  Another resembled a monkey clad in red-turquoise vest/coat and power crown around his forehead.  The final mutant resembled a mountain gorilla silverback clad in black leather jacket like those worn by 1950s teenaged kids, green undershirt with yellow lightning bolt symbol, blue denim jeans and sneakers.
LAURA: Oh my god…<quotes Joey Stiles of ECW> these must be new recruits to the Wolf Pack but they sure don’t resemble lupine types.
JOE: No, but they wear the symbol on their uniforms so that makes them part of Lupe’s clan.
    Working together they carry the unconscious figures out of the spaceship, into the back seat of the ATV and with Laura keeping watch in the back seat, GIJoe drove back to headquarters as he contacted Mike.
JOE: Calling headquarters.  We found three unconscious mutants and bringing them to base.  Alert Lupe so she can meet us there.
MIKE: Got you loud and clear buddy.  I’ll contact Lupe immediately and she’ll meet you at base. <signs off>
LAURA: Now to find out who these newcomers are and if they are here to aid Lupe in her cause.
    By the time they returned to AT headquarters it was Lupe, Reynard, Sally, Sonia, Krystal, Foxy, Mangle, Miriam reacting in shock surprise when Joe and Laura carried in the unknown mutants.
LUPE: Goodness!  It’s Johnny Ape, Rocket Raccoon, and Monkey Kahn.
MIKE: You know these three?
LUPE: Yes, they are part of my gang who probably missed the flight leaving Mobius and probably used their own transport to journey into space.
REYNARD: So how did they know where to find us in another galaxy? <frowns>
JOE: That’s a mystery in itself.  Let’s awaken these newcomers and see what they have to say.
SONIA: Maybe they’ve come to join the fight against the forces of evil.  We could use their assistance.
SALLY: Right, the more the merrier.
LAURA: I’ll get the remedy.
    Seconds later she was administering smelling salts and cold wash cloths to Johnny, Rocket and Ken who instantly awoke and at first did not know where they were or what happened to them.
JOHNNY: Whoa!  Am I dead?
KEN: Where are we? <looks around in confusion>
ROCKET: Don’t remember seeing this place before. <scowls>
LUPE: Welcome my friends. <sweet smile> Nice of you to join my clan.
ROCKET: Lupe! <recognizes his leader and salutes> Rocket Raccoon at your service.
JOHNNY: Johnny Ape ready to follow your orders! <also salutes>
KEN: Monkey Kahn at your disposal. <half bows>
SALLY: Hey, Ken.  Didn’t expect to see you here. <hugs and kisses him>
KEN: I missed you so I went searching for you.
JOE: Welcome to planet Earth.
MIKE: I bet you’ve never been to this planet before.
    Neither Rocket, Ken or Johnny had ever visited another planet in a long time.  Lupe gave a brief rundown of the mission at the moment and the continuing skirmishes with the New World Order and Tryax Kahn then of the many adventures they had with Laura, Peter, Duke, GIJoe and Mike.
LUPE: That is where the story ends for now.
MIRIAM: We succeeded in thwarting Tryax’s evil schemes so far.
JOHNNY: Awesome! <beats on his chest like Kong> I can’t wait to rumble.
KEN: Me too partner.
ROCKET: I’ll bring in those mutant terrorists dead or alive to collect the bounty.
JOE: So you’re a bounty hunter. <Rocket nods>
LAURA: What disguises can you transform into?
    At first the threesome looked confused and shrugged helplessly then decided to demonstrate for their friends.  First it was Johnny morphing himself into a Ford Explorer SUV in the colors of Jurassic Park-Jurassic World.  Next it was Rocket morphing himself into a NASCAR STP #43 stock car, finally it was Ken morphing himself into a Lancia Stratos Concept.  Then all three changed back to normal forms.
SALLY: Way to go, Ken! <high-five slaps with him>
KEN: Yeah, didn’t know I still had it in me. <grins>
JOHNNY: At-tah! <poses for effect>
LAURA: That was awesome.
MIKE: Incredible…
JOE: I’m impressed.
MANGLE: Me too, those are neat vehicle forms.
FOXY: Arr, lass!
    After that it was Laura inviting the newcomers to visit her mansion home and meet Alfred, Emma and Ezra in person to which the butler, gardener and cook welcomed Johnny, Ken and Rocket into their family so to speak.  They also got to meet Duke and Peter too.
PETER: Can’t wait to see you three in action against the New World Order.
DUKE: I doubt if Tryax is planning on having recruits join his horde.
ALFRED: I doubt that very much, sir.
EMMA: Maybe he doesn’t know or realize you three have joined the Wolf Pack.
EZRA: Won’t he be surprised.
JOHNNY: I like surprises. <Alfred nods>
ROCKET: This is a nice place you have here.
LAURA: Thanks, it was left to me by my parents after they passed away and I’m the new owner.
KEN: Cool…real homey too. <Ezra and Emma laugh – Alfred scowls>
    Afterwards it was Ken, Johnny and Rocket returning to Wolf Pack headquarters.  When they got there Nicole sounded an alarm getting the attention of everyone.
NICOLE: Warning, I detect the nWo on the move.  They are heading for a dam and power plant station to steal energy resources again.
SALLY: Ah, nuts! <glares> Here we go again.
LUPE: Where is the dam located so we can get there to intercept Tryax?
NICOLE: <beams forth coordinates> This route should take you there fast enough, good luck my friends and creator.
JOHNNY: All right! <excited look> Finally we get to tangle with the opposition!
KEN: Time to put our magic lessons to the test.
ROCKET: You said it partner. <gives thumbs up>
LUPE: Wolf Pack, transform and roll out!
    As one they changed into cars and trucks then Lupe in the Western Star 5700 XE semi form led her teammates into battle as always.  Duke, Peter and Laura followed onboard BigFoot, Orange Blossom Special and Black Gold USHRA monster truck and sled pulling trucks hoping to stop the terrorist mutants from causing the dam to collapse and flooding that would destroy everything in its path.  Meanwhile…before the Wolf Pack found out from Nicole that the New World Order was making their next hit…it was Tryax and his horde rapidly approaching the riverbank close to the dam’s spillway flood gates to commence another session of stealing energy to be converted to Energon cubes.  Landing by the riverbank the dark-magic warriors set to work.
TRYAX: Who’s going to stir up some waves?
ALICIA: <sneers> No problem, one set of white caps coming up.
    The evil counterpart of Sally dove into the river then swam to the bottom where she began sending forth vibrations via her power ring into the muddy surface that instantly formed white caps or rapids that began racing towards the flood gates that automatically deployed.
TRYAX: It’s working, excellent. <evil grin> nWo, to the power plant. <rises into the sky>
    No sooner had they left the scene in a matter of speaking than did the Wolf Pack arrive on-site, stopped to transform back into mutant selves with Laura, Duke and Peter piling out of their trucks.
LUPE: Right, we got to work fast. <frowns>
FOXY: You think the…<starts to ask his leader>
    All of a sudden a powerful explosion shook the ground startling the heroes of Mobius who jumped in surprise then glanced up as Kahn called down to them having fired a shot from his fusion cannon.
TRYAX: Oops, almost got you that time…NOT! <gives bird sign gesture> Asta-la-vista, baby! <quotes the Terminator then vanishes>
LUPE: <glowers> There’s your answer Foxy.
FOXY: Dead men tell no tales! <angrily quotes Davy Jones> I’ll make Tryax walk the plank for that.
DUKE: Feed him to the sharks!
PETER: <again activates his facemask> Time for Star Lord to dish out punishment to the nWo. <engages his rocket backpack and shoots into the sky>
SALLY: Right behind you partner! <flies after him>
LAURA: Wolf Pack to the air! <she leads her warriors skyward>
    All of them flew onward towards the power plant station below the dam itself where the nWo terrorists at that moment had broken into the facility startling the staff and personnel inside that everyone ran for cover leaving the complex abandoned to the evil mutants.  Except for Mangle who lingered behind as the magic warned her of dark forces lurking close by.
MANGLE: <looks down at the river – frowns> Is the river supposed to behave like that?
LAURA: Negative, it’s calm and peaceful flowing.  Not full of rapids. <also frowns>
MANGLE: One way to check it out, wait here. <she dives into the water>
LAURA: Be careful white vixen! <calls after her – she nods then slips beneath surface>
    Mangle swam down and immediately spotted Anti-Sally Acorn stirring up trouble as she spun around to confront her then both engaged in underwater martial arts which is hard to do because it makes things move slow and sluggish.


    The dam was being assaulted by the pressure of water slamming into its backside even though the flood gates were releasing plumes of water crashing down into the lower riverbank at its base as micro-cracks began spreading across its surface a sign of structural failure in the making.  Star Lord saw this disaster about to unfold.
STAR LORD: Oops, not good. <quotes Jack Sparrow> I cannot let the dam fail.
SALLY: <glowers> Aye, let’s save lives from being lost.
    Working together the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy and the 2nd in Command to the Wolf Pack used their powers and technology with Star Lord using his double-barrel blasters in rapid-fire succession firing beams of lasers into the cracks to stop them from spreading further as Sally added a second layer of protection with her magic skills sealing up the face of the dam.  Finally the task was complete.
SALLY: We did it! <excited look>
STAR LORD: YeeHaaw! <yells the Dukes of Hazzard shout> We prevented the dam from failing. <both slap high-five and fist bump>
SALLY: Okay, now let’s rejoin our comrades at the power plant.
STAR LORD: Ladies first…<gestures as she leers and nods>
    At the same time Lupe and her family prepared to make their move…
LUPE: We must not let innocent people be harmed.
DUKE: That is if there are hostages inside the plant although we don’t know that for sure.
JOHNNY: All the same, I’m ready to kick butt. <bangs fists together>
KEN: Those nWo bullies never get the message.
ROCKET: Stealing is wrong, abusing the power of magic is wrong too.
REYNARD: We’re ready to move on your command, dear.
LUPE: Let’s roll! <shouts the battle cry of United Flight 93>
    As one they charged into the building briefly engaging Cylons in combat and overpowering the Centurion soldiers which was Nukem’s favorite hobby…beating down robot machines with ease.  At the same time Tryax and horde were finishing the last of the Energon cubes and about to head back to their home base.
TRYAX: Gather the Energon cubes, return to base.
LUPE: Stick it in neutral Tryax!  You’re not going anywhere.
TRYAX: Try and stop me Lupe! <blasts at her with his cannon>
    Once again both clans engaged in martial arts fighting.  Back at the upper riverbank the Tomb Raider was getting worried that Mangle had not surfaced and was about to dive into the river to rescue her when all of a sudden in a spray of white mist Anti-Sally came flying into view startling Laura who fell onto her butt in shock.
LAURA: Aaaaaugh! <cries like Charlie Brown>
    Alicia flew away ignoring Laura’s startled expression for the moment until gone from sight.  Recovering the Tomb Raider spotted Mangle barely surfacing and looked to be in pain too.
LAURA: Mangle! <dives into the water> Hold on, I’m coming!
    She grabbed the white vixen around the shoulders then dragged her onto dry land then administered CPR techniques before Mangle started breathing normally, opened her eyes and looked up at her.
MANGLE: Thank you, you saved my life.
LAURA: What happened down there?
MANGLE: Anti-Sally was stirring up trouble and I tried stopping her but she overpowered me and escaped.
LAURA: Yes, I saw her fly away into the sky.  Are you all right.
MANGLE: Yes, thanks to you I am. <grins and gets to her feet> Now let’s go aid our teammates.
LAURA: Right!  Got your 6:00 covered. <follows her>
    They rushed towards the power plant where the rumble was in progress.  Duke was getting in his licks against the nWo mutants as was Star Lord who was being ganged up by the Dangerous Trio of Lavender, Basil and Bergamo as the three brothers launched attacks against the Guardians leader.
BASIL: I don’t know who you are but you’re going down.
STAR LORD: Wrong, I like beating down neighborhood bullies like you butt-heads.
LAVENDER: Ha!  We shall see…
BERGAMO: Prepare to be destroyed.
STAR LORD: Bring it on, losers! <readies himself>
    Enraged the brothers threw punches and kicks at Peter Quill who blocked or dodged aside the hits then slammed back with his own strikes knocking down the mutants who got back up and attacked again but were knocked down yet again when Duke got involved in the brawl too.
DUKE: How about trying that out on someone like me…
BERGAMO: With pleasure…<sneers>
BASIL: I got him! <launches into kicks>
    Nukem took the blows then hit back against the Dangerous Trio sending them reeling.  Star Lord and Nukem used tag-team moves that easily dispatched the evil mutants.  All around the rumble raged nonstop with Laura using her fighting skills against Ninjara, Alicia and so forth.
NINJARA: You’re going down lady.
LAURA: Sorry…I don’t think so.
ALICIA: Get ready for a lashing. <prepares to attack with her bullwhip>
    That is when Mangle came flying out of nowhere cannon-balling into Anti-Sally to payback her for nearly causing the dam to fail and they started brawling again.  Ninjara and Laura exchanged blows against each other nearby…Tryax saw that opportunity to make good his getaway via catwalk on the ceiling above the main floor that led to an EXIT when Lupe confronted him.  The nWo leader struck out knocking the Wolf Pack leader over the railing but she grabbed ahold saving herself a nasty fall or worse as Kahn taunted her.
TRYAX: Any last words?
LUPE: None you would want to hear Tryax.
TRYAX: Nothing can stop me now…not even you!
    Suddenly an explosion shook the building…caused by Fiona who tried zapping the Tomb Raider when she tried helping her sister in combat.
FIONA: So long, lady.  Here’s one spitball heading your way. <sneers and opens fire>
JOHNNY: NO! <roars like Kong and leaps forth>
FIONA: What?!! <startled>
    Johnny Ape landed a double fisted punch that KO’d the vixen in black causing her to misfire sending the bolts harmlessly into the ceiling exploding on impact.  Tryax nearly knocked off his boots from the blast-waves regained his balance and shouted in anger.
TRYAX: You fool, Fiona.  Help save the Energon cubes, get them out of here!
    That’s when Lupe sprang back to her sandaled feet and charged Kahn slamming into him, knocking them both through the EXIT onto the causeway atop the dam then they faced off again.
LUPE: You destroy everything you touch Tryax.
TRYAX: Because everything I touch is food for my hunger, of power.
LUPE: No, I’m going to end it once and for all.
    Light-sabers ignited they clashed in mortal combat like samurai masters.


In the midst of the duel Lupe caught sight of the nWo terrorists flying away with the Energon cubes which angered her to the point she lost focus for a brief moment which gave Tryax the opening he needed to strike out.  He lashed out with force lightning that the she-wolf leader barely blocked in time then lifted her off her sandals into the air via force choke as she struggled to break free.

TRYAX: Time to say goodbye till next time we meet again, my dear.  So long…
    Then he sent her flying into the air to plummet to her death but out of nowhere came Star Lord to the rescue!
STAR LORD: Oh no you don’t! <blasts him with laser shots> No one does that to my girlfriend.
    He then quickly executed a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick stunning Tryax that he staggered backwards collapsing onto his ass then pivot about in the air and zoomed towards Lupe as Kahn attempted to strike him down with another barrage of force lighting from his gloved hands.
TRYAX: Taste my magic, idiot! <glares>
    However the Guardians leader was out of range as he dove towards Lupe being swept downstream as she fought to prevent herself from being pulled under by the rapids.  She glanced up as he reached towards her.
LUPE: Star Lord?!! <reaches out to grab his hands> Pull me up!
STAR LORD: Hang on, I got you. <engages his thrusters>
    He carried her in his strong arms then landed safely on dry land as the Wolf Pack warriors rushed over to their leader with Duke and Laura.
LUPE: You saved my life, I owe you a life debt. <smiles>
PETER: <deactivates facemask> No sweat, I did not want to see you perish.
LAURA: Are you okay?
LUPE: Yes although Tryax and horde got away again. <glares as she looks into the sky>
DUKE: If that don’t beat all. <glowers behind dark glasses>
REYNARD: The important thing is innocent lives were saved from death’s door.
ROCKET: Aye!  That’s what counts most of all.
JOHNNY: Here-here!
KEN: At least I got in some blows against the dark-warriors.
SALLY: You did good. <high-five slaps with him>
MANGLE: We’d better return to base and take it easy for now.
FOXY: I second that motion, sis.
LUPE: Wolf Pack, transform and return to base. <changes into Peterbilt 379>
    One by one the friends made their way back to base…where they rested and regained their strength too.  Laura, Peter and Duke at Croft Manor told Alfred, Emma and Ezra about the showdown at the dam.
ALFRED: Good heavens, at least no lives were lost.
EZRA: What a pity the opposition got away again.
EMMA: Well there’s always another time to catch them in the act.
LAURA-DUKE-PETER: <nod together>
ALFRED: Right, I believe it’s time for lunch then rest period for the three of you.
    Soon after Laura, Duke and Peter were resting comfortably in their bedrooms while their magic friends did the same at their base.  Sally was contacting her father updating the king on the mission.
MAX: Keep up the good work as you always do in fighting evil.
SALLY: Yes sir. <salutes the king> Hope you don’t miss me too much.
MAX: Not at all, I know you are big enough to look after yourself and I look forward to see you when you return home.
SALLY: It will be fun seeing you again and telling you everything daddy. <then ends hologram transmission>
    Meanwhile it was Krystal paying another friendly visit of sorts to Croft Manor where she planned on hanging out with Duke.  Upon arriving at the mansion she was informed that Nukem was resting and feeling disappointed was about to turn away empty handed when Alfred asked if she would like to come inside and wait until Nukem was ready to see her which she accepted and moments afterwards was sitting comfortably in the library enjoying a drink courtesy of the butler who then left her alone while she lounged in the open arm-chair enjoying a good book so to speak then heard footsteps, turned to see who it was and smiled sweetly as the alien-buster appeared in the doorway.
DUKE: Thought you would come to see me. <enters room> I like it when my favorite girls spend time with me.
KRYSTAL: That’s me. <beckons him forward> Care to sit with me? <again the sweet smile>
DUKE: I like it when a good plan comes to action. <quotes Hannibal Smith in the A-Team series>
    Seconds later the blue vixen was snuggling close to Nukem in his lap while she ran her fingers lovingly through his blond hair, stroking his massive shoulders, nuzzling her face against his like a cat or dog does to its owner then kissing him again and again with Duke rubbing her back bringing forth sighs of happiness and pleasure from the telepathic mind reading expert.  They continued kissing and playing with each other in a playful manner then Krystal was resting and dreaming happy visions as Duke held her to his torso.
DUKE: Still loves me, she does.  I’m not going to let her go either…unless of course when she returns to her home world again.
EZRA: <enters library> I see you are having fun with her.  Just wanted to make sure you were okay, later. <exits library>
DUKE: Think I’ll make myself a drink. <gently removes Krystal from his lap – gets up>
KRYSTAL: <stirs slightly – awakens> Wha-huh? <looks around> Oh, can you make me a drink too?
DUKE: Coming up my dear. <pours two champagne glasses>
    They sat together toasting each other’s true love and enjoying their company.  Krystal again rested her head on Duke’s torso eyes half closed sighing happily as he rubbed her back making her giggle as if he was tickling her.  Afterwards they left the room and entered the garden outside in the backyard strolling among the floral arrangements where Emma was busily tending to her so-called children as she liked to call her flowers of course and greeted them.
EMMA: What do you think of my garden?
KRYSTAL: Beautiful, I love the colorful arrangements. <gazes in wonder and awe>
EMMA: I love flowers too when I was a little girl.
DUKE: <nods> How about I give you a special bouquet to take with you.
EMMA: That’s a wonderful idea, in fact…I have just the special one.
KRYSTAL: You do? <surprised look>
    Within seconds the blue vixen was presented a bouquet of red and pink roses, blue violets, purple asters, white sun flowers that made her gasp in joy and happiness.  Krystal said she would treasure them always with her heart then thanked Emma before deciding to head back to Wolf Pack headquarters and seconds later in Solstice form sped away into the distance.  When she got back, transformed to mutant self she checked in with her leader then retired to her private chambers to tend to her new floral display that is.
    Meanwhile inside the New World Order stronghold Tryax made contact with Gargamel and Belladonna informing his bosses how the quest was progressing.
TRYAX: I’ve collected lots of stolen resources that will suffice our need.
GARGAMEL: Well done.  I know I can count on you to get the job done always.
TRYAX: Thank you master.
BELLADONNA: Still having problems with Fiona’s attempts to overthrow you as leader?
TRYAX: Yes, she tried taking me out but came up short.
BELLADONNA: <sneers> But that does not mean she will dare try again.
GARGAMEL: Always be wary of your 2nd in Command’s every moves against your power.
TRYAX: As you wish. <nods in respect>
    After the meeting with the dark witch and wizard the nWo leader made another inspection of his starship nearly finished with construction repairs done to its fuselage sections then checked on the Energon cubes in storage.  Jackie approached him and both engaged in conversation.
JACKIE: I predict you may be making plans of another energy strike.  Therefore I have a target in mind.
TRYAX: Good, let’s hear it.
JACKIE: <nods then begins> Ravage and Laserbeak were scouting the regions and came upon a gold mine within the mountains far away from headquarters.
TRYAX: Really…<curious frown> you suppose we can convert gold into energy?
TRYAX: I believe we can do it my lord.  Although it’s never been tried before.
    Tryax figured it wouldn’t hurt so to speak in paying a visit to the gold mines.
TRYAX: I can almost see those gold nuggets now. <evil grin on his face>
JACKIE: <yellow eyes widen in surprise> Huh? <then frowns> Do I hear something?
TRYAX: What was that? <also hears the same disturbances>
    Both were distracted by a strange whirring sound and upon investigating its source came upon Fiona firing a Auto-Cannon at target displays with Cylons looking on in amusement.  Unfortunately the gun was connected to one of the Energon cubes and half of its contents drained away.
JACKIE: Oh my god! <quotes Joey Stiles of ECW>
TRYAX: Fiona!  What in the universe are you doing?
FIONA: <leers> Testing the magic of the Energon cubes.  They actually work.
TRYAX: Did you think they would not work? <frowns>
FIONA: You never tested them, I proved it.
JACKIE: So I see…<scowls>
TRYAX: Now thanks to you we may need more strikes before we’ll have enough energy to return to Mobius.
FIONA: What’s the difference?  There’s plenty here for us.
TRYAX: The difference is time you idiot.  You set us back!
    Angered, he yanked the Auto-Cannon away from Fiona then destroyed it with a burst of dark magic causing her to gasp in shock at what he just did but quickly recovered as he prepared to do the same to her yet she defiantly stood her ground.  That is when Jackie intervened.
JACKIE: I believe we should also acquire rocket fuel as a means of powering the engines of our starship.

To be continued….

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