Podcast Coming Soon

This is going to become the official section for the podcast I am currently working on.  Let’s face it, I rarely post here anyway so it’s really doing no good as a blog.  I will leave the current blog posts as is and may still post stuff when I feel like it.  Ultimately the goal is to post the podcast episodes here along with the show notes and all other relevant info.

Right now I am working on outlining the first few episodes and doing research.  Also poking a few pals within the community to come on as guest co-hosts for different episodes.  I hope to start recording soon, but depending on everyone’s schedules this may not happen until after the holidays.

What to expect from this podcast:

  • The main topics are going to involve Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones, or Archaeology.
    • Sub-topics will obviously be more specific, for example, issues within the fandom, reviews of games/movies/books, etc.
    • Archaeology topics will pertain to how it’s represented in pop culture for the most part. So there will be the occasional episode that talks about the Uncharted video games or the Mummy movies.
  • Episodes will be released bi-weekly (every two weeks).
  • Guests and Co-hosts:
    • Right now I am the only permanent host but I am looking to bring on guest co-hosts to be a part of the podcast for different episodes.  If I get a full-time co-host I won’t complain, because it’s weird talking to yourself.
    • I will also try to get guests on for interviews, to participate in discussions on certain topics, or to give their expertise on certain subjects.
      • Ideally I would love to get some official people on for interviews so we’ll see. 😉
  • Fan-Friendly
    • Everyone in the Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones fandoms have games/movies they like more than others.  One thing this podcast will not do is bash fans for liking certain games/movies over others, or bash certain games/movies that I don’t particularly care for.
  • Special Episodes
    • I have a few ideas for special episodes that will include off-topic subjects (i.e. I am going to talk about Star Wars: The Last Jedi so prepare yourself) or episodes that may be different from your usual podcast.  Readings of fan fiction is a possibility and you can blame the talented J.R. Milward for planting that idea in my head with her amazing Angel of Darkness audiobook.

I will post more updates as things move forward.  I can’t wait to launch this new project and I hope you are excited too. 🙂

Stay tuned!


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