Intro to Tales of Adventure

The intended purpose of this blog is for me to talk about the thing that I am passionate about, which makes me love Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider so much, ARCHAEOLOGY!

Those of you that have been around the site over the last couple of years know that I am a gainfully employed archaeologist (rare I know!) and part of my inability to keep up with updating the site was due to university. I am still furthering my education (someday you’ll be calling me Dr. L.E. Croft 😉 ) but have started managing my time better so I can actually keep this place alive.

This previously was designated at the “journal” but wasn’t getting used a whole lot. The posts that I had made to this blog have been moved over to the news page as articles. I think they’re better suited there, here they weren’t doing much. Rather than just getting rid of this blog I decided to revamp it. My plans are to make this somewhat of an educational blog. So whether your interest in archaeology is merely just as an Indy or TR fan, as an armchair archaeologist, or as someone who either is or wants to be an archaeologist, you will get enjoyment from the stuff I post.

I will post about archaeology in general, new research or finds that are interesting. However, I will also share my own experiences in the field. I will also look at the archaeology presented in the Indiana Jones films and the Tomb Raider games. While factual real-world archaeology is interesting, it’s always fun to delve into the fictional. 😉

So there it is, folks! I will try to post an article here at least twice a month, maybe more is I have time.

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