Mobile Site Now Available

I’ve updated the site to convert to a mobile friendly theme when accessed via a smartphone or tablet. You can now keep up with while you’re on the go. 🙂 The mobile site should work with all iPhone and Android models.

Latest Site Update

As you can tell things look a lot different around here. I’ve converted the site over to a more streamlined format that will be easier to navigate and significantly easier for me to update.

Things that have changed:

  • Fan Art gallery is now gone. Instead I’ve added a page called the FanZone where fan artwork is posted. If you would like to share your fan art shoot me an email.
  • Cosplay gallery is now gone. Like the fan art gallery, I’ve moved the cosplay gallery to its own page called Raider Cosplay. If you would like to share your cosplay photos you can email me.
  • Links page is now updated.

Eventually I’ll be converting everything over to this format. Right now the fan fiction library is the same.

Happy Raiding!