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Tomb Raider Live in Concert Playlist


Tomb Raider Live in Concert playlist has been added to the Fan Videos Media section. Fans who attended the event yesterday captured some of the best and most memorable moments from the show. Please be aware that many of the videos are just short clips and end abruptly. This is due to the theater’s policy that there was to be no filming. Fans could only film in a small snippets because of staff members catching them. So please be respectful and don’t get frustrated with the people who were kind enough to share these videos. They did the best they could. Thank you.

Fan Videos

UPDATE: Tomb Raider Live in Concert Sponsorship Fundraiser

I wanted to give an update from Stella (Stella’s Tomb Raider Site) that currently the efforts to raise money to donate tickets has more donors than people requesting tickets to Tomb Raider Live in Concert.
If you are a Tomb Raider fan who lives in the London area or are able to travel to London to see the show but have been unable to get a ticket to the concert please contact Stella ASAP so she can match you with a donor.

Extra Life 2016 Streaming Schedule

 From now through Extra Life event weekend (live streams at 8pm EST):
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider on PS4 (1st time)
  • Endurance mode and co-op practice

October 31st: Halloween stream (8pm EST) Lara’s Nightmare DLC (1st time) and Baba Yaga DLC

Event weekend:

  • November 5th (11am EST/3pm GMT): Rise of the Tomb Raider, challenge bow only and climbing axe.
  • November 6th (10am EST/3pm GMT): Endurance co-op with Vaganbondo5591.
 For further details on my participation in Extra Life 2016 and Team Tomb Raider Community’s raffle event check here.
Please consider donating to help me achieve my goal.
Thank you.

ROTTR Gameplay Playlist Added & Extra Life 2016

I’ve added my Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay playlist to the media page. Part 1 and 2 of my first play through of ROTTR are available to view. I’ve been live streaming in the evenings (between 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm EST). I know that’s late for a lot of people so all of my gameplay videos are being saved to YouTube for later viewing.

Follow me on YouTube for updates or check back here. I try to add the newest gameplay video to the playlist within 24 hours.

Also don’t forget that I am participating in Extra Life 2016 as part of Team Tomb Raider. All of my gameplay is being played to support the Extra Life cause. If you enjoy my videos please consider donating. Your donation will go to helping children’s hospitals.

I will be streaming for Extra Life now and during the event weekend November 5th and 6th. During the event weekend Team Tomb Raider will be streaming on Twitch. More details will be coming soon.

Thank you!